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"Ya Rasulullah what are these gardens of Jannah"
"They are gatherings that remind us of Allah"

Friday, April 27, 2012

The song continues

Strong, but steady.
A constant pulse, his recitations were echoing inside the cell. Then it suddenly shook. The words had pierced his heart. His breath was caught short, choking on the words, that were coming out from his mouth. Heavy, hard, and direct. Words so beautiful, so perfect, no human can quote. Tears trickled. He was silent.

But something was still ringing.
A song, chanted dauntlessly outside, somewhere in the dark.
A weak and soft song, meaningless, limited..
But it was such a beautiful voice..

Poor voice, if it only knew..

He stood up, opened his door..
And began reciting again..
And he will keep going..

Until he hears, that the song has changed..
Until he hears, the voice reciting..

Ya Allah.I know this voice is weak, but let this song strike our hearts..
For it is the Truth.

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