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Monday, May 31, 2010

Maghdhuubi 'Alaihim

This is one of the reasons why...

or if your in a hurry, here..

Friday, May 28, 2010

Time Warp

I finally did it...retracing my past, traveling through time by confronting its future..

I started with the Sekolah Rendah Al-Azhar. Went there, met a few friends, did a few things. It was on the teachers day actually. If ur interested in knowing, go check out my FB, there's a few pics there.
Then MATRI. Went there too, visited and discussed alot with my Mudir..which i so arrogantly didn't for the past..what, 4 years maybe..seriously such a meaningful moment. Went bowling together (with my friends, not the mudir). And we took this pic which shall always be carved in my mind (bcoz i took it with my handphone and dropped it in doing so..which made a big scratch).
Then finally went to MRSM Beseri. Met some teachers, the BWPs. Then the following weekend did a small reunion with my batch..just the guys, well actually the main event was the dinner..but the verbal interactions got things flowing again like the old days..and yesterday, it was over.

Sorry, but i'm not gonna conclude with..'it was very tiring but everything was worth it because we all went home happy' ending, because this travel through time taught me many things and made me perceive the truth of it.
Yup, I read lately that evident of humans changing with time is proved ever since we're babies. Well yeah of course as we grow up we're still changing but not as rigorous as the time in the womb..but its still a change. And though we reach the age of early adults (where our the last tooth comes out), there are still changes. Our hair, our nails.
Okay2 i'm through with this growth discussion, its not what this post is for.

As I watch myself and my friends change and develop..I realised that time and atmosphere changed people alot. Our lives are of such dependent on these factors, but strangely enough we neglect them so much, and in the end we change without even realising it.
So the thing is lets stop playing with time, and open our eyes to this moving world. One day we were once kids, now we're at the brim of adulthood. Did we see it? Then the next day, we'll be lying down..choking our last breaths..reminiscing the past..and believe me, regret shall we.

Regret what? The fun we had? The joyous moments? The marvelous achievements?
Nope..we'd regret that though long have we lived, nothing was done for our own afterlife..

Turn around and look at the clock!!

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Time is witness that, surely, mankind suffers loss,
except for those of faith,
Who do good, and become a model of truthful living,
and together practice patience and constancy.
[Al-'Asr 103]

Monday, May 24, 2010

Watch and Learn this one familiar??

So 7.30 sharp..I would be staring at the TV...NTV7 to be exact, and watching these teenage guys and girls jumping, singing, and prancing around the stage, telling stories, and many other interesting things that would make a 3-year-old kid such as my little sister mesmerized.

Now, I wouldn't be this interested in telling you about this TV program if it wasn't for the shocking story of how my three-year-old sister began dancing and singing and talking in English..

I wouldn't call it English actually..because no one could understand..but it did kinda sound English..
So the thing is it that a 2D, RGB screen succeeded in influencing such a small kid?

Brothers and sisters..this is called 'tarbiyyah'.
It is a process that every human will undergo either conscious or not. When we read, when we watch, when we listen, when we feel..we learn. But another fact is that we humans tend to get influenced by many things..and if we are incapable to control ourselves in choosing between what is good and bad..we will follow everything. So to learn by understanding. To understand is by tarbiyyah.
So lets take some time to tarbiyyah our hearts by attaching ourselves to things that remind us of Allah, of things that bring us closer to Him.
Here's a book that I recommend:
"Maza Yakni fil Intimmail Islam"
-To Be A Muslim- Dr. Fathi Yakan

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sheikh Khalid Yusuf - The Man and His Message

Yes, I waited 10 minutes to download this video..
Yes, I waited 12 hours to upload it back in this blog..
Yes, it was very complicated and tested much of my patience..
And Yes, I agree, I could have just told you to look for it in Youtube.

But because it touched my heart and meant so much to me..I don't care..I just want you to watch it smoothly (without much buffering) and understand the message..


Saturday, May 22, 2010

To What Extent?

Humans..are born with nafs..and this nafs is a creation of Allah that has an unbelievable level of pride.
It was told that on the day it was created, Allah asked it:
"Who am I?"
And it said;
"You are You, and I am I"
So Allah burned it in the Hellfire, and repeated the same question:
"Who am I?"
And it said;
"You are You, and I am I"
So Allah burned it again in the Hellfire, and repeated the same question:
"Who am I?"
And it said;
"You are You, and I am I"
And after again being finally said:

You are my God, and I am Your servant

Brothers and sisters, this story is a reminder to you and I, that our nafs was once so ignorant that it needed three hell-of-a-punishment to really realise that it actually was created.
So to what extent do WE need to be punished to realise that we are no more than His Creations? Will it be The Hellfire? Or will it be on this world?

or why not we just take the easiest solution..
Whoever we are; A king, a minister, an engineer, or even if we're just a man,
Lets throw away all ignorance and ego, remove our arrogance and pride,
Lets drop down, bowing and prostrating ourselves to The One, The Creator, The Ruler.
And set it in our hearts..that You and I, we're no one. So lets stop pretending that we are.

Friday, May 21, 2010

This Emptiness

" Our Lord, condemn us not if we forget or fall to error"

First things first, I think it would be most appropriate for me to line out here that these coming sentences are merely an opinion of mine, an individual who lacks much knowledge and please judge freely based on your understanding and if by any chance u have a personal opinion, sharing is much obliged.
Ya Allah guide me always..

Has it ever occurred to you an emptiness in your heart, a feeling of thirst for something that you can never explain. A loneliness that would make you cry, shout and suffer for nothing..and in the end you would even turn to humans to relieve this pain, but insyaAllah I will explain this somewhere else.
The truth is, you're not the only one. NONE of us can always feel peace in our hearts, because as long as we're human, we can never run from this fact.

Infact, there were times when I felt so far from Allah, that as I prayed, I felt so lonely. As I asked, it was as if no one was there to answer me..
So one day i said

"Whats the use of praying and doing 'amal in a condition of feeling so far from Allah, when I'm feeling so weak?"

And so I waited, and I waited. For days and nights I prayed, but my prayers were just programmed routines, and sincerely I felt nothing. I stopped reading the Quran, I seldomly went to the musholla, and I tried so hard to fill my heart by watching movies and sleeping..and I felt nothing..

But Alhamdulillah, as I was suffering in such agony I came across this verse;

Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.
[Ar Ra'adu: 11]

And it finally hit me..
All this while, it was my problem..not His..
I had closed my heart to all the things that he had shown...but still kept waiting for Him to knock the door..How ignorant, how stupid!
And that night, as I prayed, I tried my best to see Him there..
Watching me..
Though I admit at first it was just the same..nothing
But as I tried again, and again, I realised that my heart was locked so tight that as I prized it open..
Allah was always there..waiting..and as a step I took towards Him..
So close He came to near..
So easy was it..yet so hard to see..

Conclusion is, us, our hearts, are like windows. If we keep forgetting to oil the hinges, it would be so hard to open. So, some oil, and a little effort would make our hearts much brighter when things turn dark or stuffy..
Keep doing 'amal..
Force yourself to pray in every second of every day..
Force those tears out in every way you can..
Wake up at night to be alone..
speak to Him, tell Him, ask Him, cry to Him..
And InsyaAllah you'll find a Way

As stated by the great Imam As-Syafi'e;
"Iman (Belief) rises in tha'ah (obey)and drops in ma'siyyah"

No, I'm not telling you that I have now found the sakinah..because believe me, you'll come across this problem again..maybe tomorrow, or the day after that..
But I'm telling you if you try hard enough, and avoid ma'siyyah and sins, you'll find your solution and you'll know how to solve it everytime..
Just remember..
The stronger you become..The harder your test will be..keep praying and get time to understand the meaning of your life..the reason to live as a muslim.

p/s: Thanks for the Question..had me thinking about my heart and where He was in it for 3 days and 2 nights (3 plus tonight)..and it helped alot..thanks.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Farji'na. It means send us back.
Akhrijna. It means bring us out.
Today I was browsing the Holy Quran, and I came across these words, in these two verses;

There they will cry out:
'Our Lord, bring us out, and we will do good, other than what we have done.'
What, did We not make your lives long enough to remember for whosoever would remember? A warner came to you, so taste now! None shall help the harmdoers.
[Al-Faathir 35:37]

Would that you could see the wrongdoers when they lower their heads before their Lord! They will say:
'Our Lord, we have now seen and heard. Send us back and we will do righteous deeds, we are certain.'
[As-Sajadah 32:12]

Brothers and sister, this is a situation, where Allah tells us that one day, though as illogical as it can be, one of us will be pleading Allah in such shame and regret for a second chance to return to this world, promising Him that we'd do good, that we'd prevent all sins because now we've seen, we've heard, and we're certain of everything...
But you know what, He will say, you were warned, you were told, you were given enough taste the flame that you asked for!!

But the thing is,
Why couldn't we see all this now, as we freely sin ourselves in each step and breath we take..
Why can't we regret all our sins that we've done, knowing that it SHALL be punished..

Coz in our hearts, we never did fully believe in this promise, this proof that is stated so clearly in the Holy Quran.
So brothers and sisters, lets come back and realise..


Friday, May 14, 2010

This never ending search

"Ya Allah, Please fill this emptiness in my heart."

As the Friday prayer ended, people rushed out of the mosque, each focusing on individual roots, ways and courses. Men would be picking calls or making calls, all occupied by the world they had so returned to. But in between the crowd, everyone could see him, in the lowest position a human could be, prostrating himself, asking Allah for everything that he had missed and lost. Begging and praying.
But no one really knew the storm brewing in his heart, how hard it was to live without this love, how long he had pleaded and prayed, waited in vain. This emptiness was too much suffer, but no one could understand except Him. And here he was, asking to The One who Knows, to come back and fill his heart.

"I really need You now"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't ask "Why?"

Has it ever occured to you hard your life is. How heavy it has burdened you. That you really envy the life of others being so smooth and perfect. How they are now so famous, so joyous and happy. Then you would start comparing them with you, your life, the shoes you're now in, the steps that you would have to take. And you end the day with;
If only I had chose to do that, then everything would be different.
Why is my life so miserable? Why do I have to suffer like this?


Brothers and sisters, everyday I see my friends getting better and greater than me. Just for your info, the author of Langit Ilahi, is one of my friends. And everyday I see him as who he is now, and my heart would whisper, I could have been like him. There was once this day when I said to my mum, Mum,

I've made the wrong choice. If only I could go back.

But Alhamdulillah, one day I read a verse that really touched me. This verse is read so commonly that many forget to feel its real meanings.
Allah promises us;

No soul does Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear. It gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns. (And Pray:) "Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error; our Lord! Lay not on us a burden Like that which You did lay on those before us;
Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear.
Blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Protector; Help us against those who stand against faith.
[Al-Baqarah 2:286]

There, what else is there for me to ask. What other reason do I need to know.
Why would I need Why?
In reading this verse again and again, especially through the hardships in my life, I managed to realize that in this life, there are many roads to reach happiness and heaven. Stop believing in only One, and you'll see that your miseries and suffers can actually be one of them,
Only if you just believe in Allah.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kini diterjemah

Dengan nama Allah yang tiada apa terjadi di bumi mahupun langit tanpa pengetahuanNya.
Kawan saya kata:
Ko ni Rahiim, punya la teruk BM.aku xtau la, mak kau cakap kat rumah bahasa Ibrani ke?

Oleh itu, sempena peristiwa itu, saya akn buktikan bahawa ibu saya bercakap BM di rumah, bahkan pernah menjadi seorang guru BM suatu ketika dahulu dengan mengepos dalam BM.

Pos ini tentang hati. Dan bagi seorang yang sangat berminat mengkaji, hati adalah antara perkara yang pertama telah saya kaji.

Hati itu fleksibel. Apabila dibelai, dilembuti, ia akn mdh tersentuh, terlena dan terlalai dgn belaian itu. Tetapi bila dikasari, digoncang, ia kmbali sdar. Ckplah skadar mmbandingkn prasaan ssorg yg mennton Kabi Kushi Kabi Gham dan Ironman.
Hati itu sentiasa ingin disayangi. Tanpa kasih sayang, hati itu kosong, tercari2 punca utk membasahi kekeringan cinta hati. Lalu dicurhkan perasaannya dgn harapan ia dikembalikn.
Hati itu kompleks. Anda blh kata anda sakit hati dgn seseorg,tapi adakah2 benar2 hati itu yang terasa sakit seperti ditikam. Atau adakah ia sekadar rasa yang merebak ke seluruh anggota.

Solusi, kembalikan hati kepada Allah. Rasailah cintaNya dgn mencintaiNya lebih dari segala2nya. Kerana disitu sajalah penggantungan terbaik untuk hati.

Hati yg cair krn belaian seseorg manusia, akn keras smula apabila kering sygnya..
kemudian cair pula dgn belaian manusia lain, dn kmbali keras apabila berakhir..
Hati yg cair krn belaian Allah, akn sentiasa lembut krn syg Allah xkan ada putus2nya..
Bahkan hati itu xkan sama skali leka, krn sentiasa digetar apabila mengingatiNya..

Fuh..susah betul..maafkan kkurangan penulisanku,
next time its back to english..InsyaAllah.


I never really could take in words of just isn't me. so everytime people speak nice of me, i would either change the topic or just leave..
Being me as the way i am, people tend to associate the name with titles of all sorts, of all degrees and honour. But the truth is, i hate them. U can use my name, but please don't untag the reality i was born with. I am Abdur Rahiim, and i'm just a slave. So whatever you see me as, i'm nothing but an 'abdu (slave), trying his best to achieve the sympathy and love of his Owner. And all of my words, preach, or actions are nothing if not for this only reason.
Enough of calling me religious, knowledgeable, preachy. For verily, if you could just understand me, you'll know that i'm just being an 'abdu and so should you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

No, its not about Mum

I begin in His name, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Yeah, so its the 9th of May..
Yeah, so its mothers day..
But i'm really sorry coz i'm not that type who gives much for occasions.stereotype heh.and if i wanted to talk about my mom, it would take 19 years, a month, and 11 days, and the day after that..and after that..
Anyway, everyone else is doin blogs, radios, papers, TV and everywhere else, so its gonna get kinda boring if i do..

So i'm gonna tell you a story of what happened yesterday night..around 11.30, as Me, my mom, dad, dekyah, and abgsu arrived at Perlis (yup, home.its been 5 months). then we went to MRSM B to pick my brother..
As he entered the car, the DJ in the radio was interviewing a man, who had been such a burden to his mother during her life..then suddenly the man started weeping, so the DJ, and his friend also began everyone was crying..except those in the car..(unincluding the two sleeping kids).
So my mother said..

"You see, people weep and regret for being unable to perform good deeds to their mom, but thats when their they live, no one cares to think about it..infact, you can even forget to greet your mom."

Well the last statement was for my brother who forgot to greet my parents as he stepped into the car..but the one before that really got me..
So brothers and need for me to elaborate coz you guys got brains..
think about it..

That Day (yaumul Qiyaamah) shall a man flee from his own brother..
And from his MOTHER and his father..
And from his wife and his children..
Each one of them, that Day, will have enough concern (of his own) to make him indifferent to the others..
['Abasa 80:34-37]

it does kinda relate to mothers..sorry..just wanna make it a bit interesting..

Friday, May 7, 2010

For the so called 'miseries'

Zhulfeqar lunged his body forwards, aiming his toes for the opposite ledge as his body flew in airborne. His feet skidded a few meters as he pinned his body down, hitting inches away from the brim. Too perfect. A common man, six foot tall and standard figure would have hesitated long for that extreme stunt, and succeeding with such smoothness just had to be coincidence. But this was no common. A Gods gift, is what some would call him. His additional half-foot height, sturdy quadriceps and perhaps the firm built body could be the only reason for it. His face had every feature a man would dream of and every attraction a woman would fall for, which he had regrettably used in his earlier age. Under the sweaty oily face on that night, lighted by the beam from the upper world, one could just catch a glimpse of his square chin, covered fairly by the thin beard traced up to his ears. His prized possession was the thick brown eyebrows, decorating the upper outline for his deep blue eyes. The eyes that now stared contentedly down into the darkness. Weird, he had never came across this hole the last night, nor on any night or days of journeying the secret tunnel.So much of keeping it a secret.

Yesterday, i had a chat on YM with a old friend..from my lower sec. school...
i was told that he got involved in an accident and his condition got quite critical..but as far as i knew, it only involved his leg..
So as we got deeper into conversation, i asked why he would be unable to join the program this weekend..So he asked me..('akh' is brother, 'akhi' is my brother).
Akh S:Do you know how bad my condition is?
Me:Really bad?or else my father wouldn't have known..
Akh S:Akhi, my foot was dislocated, the wall of my eye nearly touched the brain..i couldn't move for more than a month..the doctors managed to fix it..
Akh S:My left eye is blind..
At that point i was shocked stiff. I could have never expected it to be that bad..Couldn't move..BLIND...Allahuakbar..
Then he wrote..

"Allah is teaching me, and i am so grateful of it"

That time, I just couldn't control my emotions..this person, coming so near to death and handicapped in such a way, not even once mentioned the word 'miserable'..
But ME, so perfect, so complete in every way..could still complain about the miseries of my life, of my weakness, of what i couldn't have, of what i missed...
and if Allah took it ALL away from me..will i still be grateful..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I don't care whether you would say that i'm impatient, or that i just HAD to post after settling the last paper, or that it would be too practicable, but i had waited long enough to share this post..
(To international readers, i apologize bcoz this is in Malaysian language)

Jangan Sekadar Syurga Dunia

“Saya perlu bernikah, ustaz. Sangat perlu” ujar seorang anak muda.

“Mungkin tidak patut ustaz menyoal, tetapi KENAPA?” soalan saya ajukan kepadanya.

Bukan kenapa nikah, tetapi mengapa begitu terdesak.

“Tidak tenteram. Ada gelodak jiwa” katanya.

“Justeru selepas nikah nanti, kalau sudah tenteram dan jiwa kembali tenang, apa seterusnya?” saya menyambung pertanyaan.

“Tenteram itu bukankah sentiasa perlu? Jadi perlukah ada ’seterusnya’, ustaz? Saya keliru,” katanya jujur.

“Izinkan ustaz berterus terang. Jika tenang dan tenteram yang anta maksudkan itu adalah pada nikmat beristeri dan menikmati isteri, hati-hati dengan tabiat nikmat dunia,” saya tidak mahu berbunga kata.

“Tabiat yang bagaimana?” beliau agak kabur dengan perbualan kami.

“Kalau ustaz pakar sambal sotong, ustaz hidangkan kepada anta buat kali pertama, Alhamdulillah. Tengah hari nanti sambal sotong juga, Alhamdulillah. Makan malam nanti sambal sotong lagi, Alhamdulillah. Bagaimana jika sarapan pagi esoknya juga sambal sotong dan tengah hari itu juga berlaukkan sambal sotong. Kamu mampu menjamahnya lagi?” saya beranalogi.

“Aduh, boleh muntah dibuatnya. Jangan, ustaz!” katanya sambil ketawa.

“Benar. Segala nikmat di dunia, biar sesedap mana pun ia, sedapnya semasa lapar, semasa bujang, semasa belum merasa. Tetapi kalau sudah dirasa, diulang rasa, berterusan merasa, bisa sahaja yang sedap menjadi hambar” saya menyambung kalam.

“Jadi, apa yang cuba ustaz beritahu saya?” soal beliau.

“Pernikahan, jangan sekadar satu penyelesaian. Ia harus lebih besar dari itu” saya memberikan kesimpulan.


Tidak salah untuk percaya bahawa pernikahan boleh menyelesaikan banyak masalah. Itulah hikmahnya pada Sunnah bernikah.

Tetapi kekhuatiran yang timbul, ialah apabila sebuah ikatan perkahwinan mahu dilangsungkan hanya untuk menyelesaikan masalah tertentu, dan selepas masalah itu selesai, perkahwinan itu hilang tujuan! Menjadikan perkahwinan sebagai penyelesaian, hanyalah sebuah hasrat berupa perancangan jangka pendek. Sedangkan untuk sebuah rumahtangga terus membuka laluan sampai ke Syurga, ia perlu kepada perancangan jangka panjang.

Sepanjang kehidupan.

Kebelakangan ini saya dihimpit rasa bimbang.

Tatkala hari demi hari didatangi pasangan yang berkahwin muda mengadu masalah, saya memaksa diri untuk berfikir dan mencari sudut-sudut tersembunyi (blind spot) di dalam tasawwur seorang anak muda semasa mahu bernikah.

“Saya bosan tengok isteri saya ustaz. Salahkah saya berperasaan begitu?” tanya seorang anak muda.

Jantung saya berdebar.

Merenung matanya, saya dapat merasakan ada semacam satu kehampaan di dalam dirinya kerana terbeban oleh perasaan yang gagal disembunyikannya. Syukur, sekurang-kurangnya dia mahu bertanya. Di samping berusaha menemukan jawapan, saya juga dapat belajar sesuatu untuk diri dan dikongsi dengan yang lain.

Bagaimana boleh bosan?

Saya harus mencari jawapan pada titik mula dan titik tengah soalan itu.

Justeru untuk mencari penjelasan pada titik mula, saya persoalkan tujuan perkahwinannya semasa di tahun 2 pengajian lebih setahun yang lalu.

“Kami selalu berjumpa. Saya bimbang hati terus terfitnah memikirkan tentangnya. Alhamdulillah saya tidak bertepuk sebelah tangan. Biar pun ayah dan ibu kami agak berat untuk menyatakan persetujuan, tetapi syukur akhirnya mereka merestui,” cerita beliau.

“Alhamdulillah.Jadi, sekarang ini, adakah anta sudah mendapat apa yang dicari?” saya bertanya.

“Ya, cuma…” beliau teragak-agak menyebut.

“Cumanya sekarang anta sedang dilanda jemu, kan?” saya sambungkan ayatnya yang tidak langsai itu.

Tatkala kita mengejar sebuah ikatan perkahwinan sebagai jalan keluar kepada apa-apa sahaja masalah yang sedang dihadapi, syukur jika masalah itu selesai, dan syukur juga jika masalah itu belum selesai. Sekurang-kurangnya dia masih punya sesuatu untuk diusahakan dalam sebuah perkahwinan. Namun bagi yang masalah sudah selesai di tahun satu pernikahannya, apa lagi cita-cita dan azam yang ada dalam visi dan misinya bagi melangsungkan usia perkahwinan?

Daripada gelisah menjadi tenang dengan nikah.

Timbul jemu, mahu mencari tenang dengan membatalkan nikah?


Tidak sedikit air mata sang isteri tumpah semasa suami mereka berterus terang berkata, “mengahwinimu adalah suatu kesilapan!”

Sepatutnya masalah seperti ini tidak timbul.

Tetapi realiti sering meninggalkan banyak ’sepatutnya’ terkontang-kanting menjauhi kesempurnaan.

Perkahwinan menyelesaikan.

Tetapi ia bukan sekadar sebuah penyelesaian.

Ia adalah sebuah gagasan.

Impian yang memerlukan pandanganmu jauh sampai ke usia tua, sampai cangkul dan tanah memisahkan jiwa, sampai ke kubur, sampai kamu ke Syurga.

Jadikanlah perkahwinan itu kenderaan yang membawa dirimu untuk ke Syurga Akhirat.

Jangan sekadar syurga dunia.

“Saling berpesan-pesanlah kamu tentang para isteri agar berlaku baik kepada mereka. Sesungguhnya kamu mengambil (menikahi) mereka dengan amanah daripada Allah dan dihalalkan untukmu kemaluan mereka..

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Was I Blind!!

Subhanallah wabi hamdihi 'adadakhalqih

Believe it or not...
this is the view above the rushing highway of gombak..
on one of the mountains is placed the so-known Genting Highlands..
shadowed by the trees are the supremely planted buildings of IIC, IIUM, BMI, SM Teknik, Al-Amin..

Through all these lust and luxury of the world, spreads the beauty and greatness of HIS creation, but so little of us see..
So, enough of watching this world and..
take a chance to turn our sights to the skies above, to the mountains so tough, to the earth below, to the see so wide..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Islam or islam?

A brother once said,

'You become a MUSLIM, either by chance or by choice'

You can be a Muslim by chance, as you are born by the name Muhammad, as the first things you here is the azaan, as the first thing to breach your mouth was the sweetest date, as the first prostrate (sujud) you did was in a prayer..
but as you grow up..
Muhammad Rasulullah PBUH? you dont even know him, his life, his sacrifice..
Azaan? its just an alarm..setting on and off, as the day goes by, sometimes to tell you that its lunch time, that its nite..
Your mouth? a weapon of destruction, an emitter of high pitched frequencies, a reason to fight, a factory for lies, foul speech and pride..
Sujud? yeah, its still done in the prayers, without knowing whom..


So do you have to revert to really choose Islam.. long as you live your life as a are choosing Islam..
Take islam as a verb..dont take Islam as a noun..