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"Ya Rasulullah what are these gardens of Jannah"
"They are gatherings that remind us of Allah"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just noticed that strength and consistency are 2 different things..
you could be really strong in heart...believe that you'll never repeat your mistakes..believe that you'll be able to prevent yourselves from every sin...believe that you'll be so strong..
but then still you'll never know whether it'll last..all those confidence, all those beliefs could be suddenly gone..
' poof ' just like that.
so its really consistency that matters..'istiqamah'. because if you have nothing much..but you can keep that much going on and'll never fall..
so no use of building up bundles of strength if you can't make it flow..istiqamah.insyaAllah.
Ya Allah grant me perseverance..

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