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Friday, September 17, 2010

This Silence

I know...its long..no2, too long..since i posted something. and if u understand this post, you'll somehow understand why.
today im gonna discuss the characteristics of a i'm no civil engineer..or a man who's interested in collecting renewable source of energy (tidal energy, like the one in France)..but the thing that makes tides and ourselves similar is that it has its ups and downs...its strong and weak..
i mean..sometimes we can be so powerful, that even the hardest obstacle would be like a pebble on the road, if not crushed, easily kicked out of the way..
but then at other times we can be so feeble, that even the slightest problem would make us crumble down and fail..
again..i am not promoting a regular gym routine..because this certain strength matters much more than the physical strength. Its about something inside..
But its okay..alhamdulillah, its now okay..i was just needing a little
time..a lot of effort..and a short silence..
and of course..strength from non other than Him..Alhamdulillah..

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