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"Ya Rasulullah what are these gardens of Jannah"
"They are gatherings that remind us of Allah"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alhamdulillah, Allah has tested me..
Today i lost my phone and RM800++
My first reactions were quite the not me..i felt frustrated, angry, and even started blaming others..
but then i called my mom..and it all turned out better...
She said;
"How can you expect that all turns out well... when your relationship with Allah isn't that well."
And then i suddenly realised that i have been missing many amals lately. My nite prayers, my recitings, my nawafils, all neglected. trying to give full effort for my examinations..and each nite i would set the phone alarm, hoping that it would wake me up for tahajjud..whereas each time it does sound, i ignore it.
So tonite i realise, tonite i come back to You Ya Allah..
For the One who sleeps and wakes is only You..
Thank You for this test..for this come back.

Ya Allah.Forgive me for my mistakes.Aid me with what I said.
For You are the Almighty


  1. ada seorang akhi ni cakap, Allah memang saja biarkan hati kita gelisah supaya kita kembali semula kepadaNya. sama2 la kte muhasabah. benarlah setiap perkara ada hikmahnya :)

  2. insyaAllah...everything happened for a reason and it is a good one sharing an example with others ibn q...^_^

  3. but losing so many contacts was what i regretted the most.
    For now, i'm haven't replaced the phone yet..
    So...ehm2..i am open for gifts..