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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A night to think about

Last night was a really long night.
I read something about thinking..

it wasn't actually about the general brain juicing activity, but more to the meaning of contemplating, analysing type of think.
And it really did get me thinking.
I thought about life, i thought about death
I thought about my sins and my deeds
I thought about which was better, and which was more..
Then i thought about
what i've done, and what i'll be doing..
what i've said and what i'll be saying..
what i've seen and what i want to see..
and finally i asked myself,
what have i achieved in life??
and what really do i want to achieve..

And Alhamdulillah, a few things were straightened out...
You really should try it, STOP and THINK..

Ya Allah.Forgive me for my mistakes.Aid me with what I said.
For You are the Almighty

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