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Monday, May 23, 2011


Today i woke up, (from my afternoon nap) and as soon as i opened my eyes, a sudden question kept ringing in my head...
Over and over again...
It was as if i'd had it in my dreams...

The question was;
"Why does everything in this world seem to have no end?"
Weird isn't. The fact that theoretically everything in this world is limited to this world, but as we walk around, gazing at all that exists, we see things cycling over and over again. We see people holding firm to what they possess, grasping this world as if it could last with them forever. 
After one thing, comes another.
After something is lost, another will be bought
After a game ends, another will start
After a movie finishes, another will come out
And then?

Ya Allah loosen my grip from this world.
Remove it from my heart, for only you know its condition.

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