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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Say It

Ok, so i was strolling around the uni searching for a spot to pray, which fyi, is what i always do. Infact i've even allocated a specific area as my praying area in nearly all the buildings that i study in. (So UOW is now the uni with the most musolla's eh?)

And as i finally found a new spot, i suddenly remembered about what happened earlier that day when i was late to the group meeting, (which i am always every week) because i had to go and pray. What happened was, as i entered the room, i said;
"Hey, guys..sorry again for being late, i had to go pray."
 And they said;
"Yeah, its alrite, no worries"

Well, the first thing that i noticed was i actually mentioned 'i had to' rather than 'i wanted to'??
~hm, is prayer something i considered as a have to???Is it just something considered compulsory to me??
yeah, i know it is compulsory, but it also should've been something more. It was my charger, my refiller, the place to seek calmness, forgiveness, for me to nag, to ask, to complain..
EVERYTHING, and i still said i HAD to?

The truth is, that isn't what im trying to share now, that, up there, was just some bit of emotions expressed, but insyaAllah, prayers aren't what i have to do, but what i want to do...

The most important and major thing that i noticed was that i told the guys i went to pray, and they cared less. No, what i meant is they didn't care.
What im trying to say here is that:

"Why should we be afraid of saying that I AM A MUSLIM?"

The problem is, in the middle of a society, where everything is peaceful, no wars, no threat, why should we even hide it.
Where is our 'izzah?
The pride of being a muslim.
The pride of being humble servants of this true deen.

Because as long as on is unable to live wholly as a muslim, and have 'izzah in it, muslims will always be seen as the underdog.
So change our prospective, lets relive our true pride.
And next time, when someone comes up to you and asks;

Why waste nearly ten minutes of your life, five times a day?
Why sweat your head with the scarf?
Why even bother to get out of your bed, too early in the morning?
Why advice?
Why read the quran?
Whats with the halal food?

Just say it. Because I am a MUSLIM. Because i'm proud of it.

If you do not help your Prophet, (it does not matter): Allah did help him before when the disbelievers forced him to go away from his home, and he was but the second of two: when the two were in the cave; when he was saying to his Companion, "Be not distressed: indeed Allah is with us." Then Allah sent down peace of mind to him from Himself, and helped him with the forces you did not see, and made the word of the disbelievers abased. And Allah's Word is always supreme, for Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise. 
At-Taubah 9:40

Ya Allah, I pray for life with iman, death with iman,
and grant me Your jannah with this iman.

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