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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This's gonna be brief, coz though everything's settled, i' ve actually assigned some house tasks for myself to be done, so im not gonna waste time thinking for what to write.

But there is this thing that i really want to share, it was picked up from a conversation with my mom.
She said;
Remember, Allah says in the Quran:

"Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity"
Now for what reasons this ayah was lined out to me is not to be shared, but what this ayah is about will be.
So as i started pondering on this verse, i came across some things people questioned. Things like;
Whatever the difficulties come on me, i have to bear it?
Because it was fated onto me?
Because though it is such a burden, it is within my capacity?
Can't run away from fate?

Now i know, everyone would have passed through a time when hale and storms brewed in their hearts, it is undeniable. Even if you look at the happiest man on earth (though i don't think one was ever elected), he would still have gone through hardships in life. It is unavoidable. The fitrah of us humans.

But the extent of the hardships? That is subjective. Some are tested with hardships their whole life, some for a day, some for months. But wherever there is hardship, there is always happiness that would come following. This sequence is actually a reminder. A reminder that Allah wants us to benefit this ease for good before it gets hard, as said by our beloved prophet pbuh:

"Take advantage of five before five: your life before your death, your health before your illness, your free time before becoming busy, your youth before your old age and your wealth before your poverty."
Sorry, but that was kinda out of topic, but if ur interested, ive already posted it once a time ago here.

Whatever the hardships are, no matter how hard you are tested, you would know that u are always capable of going through it. Or would i? Could i just keep saying its possible? That i'm fine? That i could go through it?
For example, something you worked on for years, ended with nothing. 
Can you just keep saying, 'owh its fine, im good.' Im sure you would be cryin your hearts out. YEARS paid for nothing. Nothing.
Now this is a test on you. 
Now this is within your capacity. 
Now this was fated on you.

WHAT? So why did i even start if it was gonna end like this? Fated? Isn't it too much? And if i just can't stand it, where does 'within you capacity' come in?
So what does 'la yukallifullaha nafsan illa wus'aha' really mean??

Now, brief..i said it was gonna be brief, but somehow in tryin to build the atmosphere and understanding of the situation i bragged quite alot didn't i. So i apologise, and the answer will be brief.

There's two things i understood from this verse that would fade all doubts.

1) Fate is, to do it, and ask that Allah makes good out of it. If it turns out bad, then He knew it would turn out bad. If it went good, He knew too. Me? I just did it, because i didn't.

2) Within our capacity, is never what we thought was our capacity. We knew nothing about ourselves. Our capacities, capabilities, limits. He knew. Not us. Him. So if He says it is within capacity, then it sure is.
Just believe, because He knows us.

P/S: These tests, they make us stronger. We'll surely pass, if only we tried to see.

Ya Allah.Forgive me for my mistakes.Aid me with what I said.
For You are the Almighty

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