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Friday, June 3, 2011

Of Mars, Cadbury, and Chocolate

Yesterday it was hot chocolate.
A couple of days ago it was a whole block of chocolate..(finished it in half an hour)
Last week three packs of Arnotts Chocolate Biscuits.
A couple of weeks ago, it was a couple bar of Mars, Snickers, and this brand which i forgot.

Yeah, so what??

I also wouldn't know the significance of me telling you this if it weren't for my mom, who, when i was Skyping (which i really hope one day becomes a verb like googling-'Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary' so that it doesn't have the red wiggly line under it) with her, noticed that i was eating a bar of chocolate.

Now before presumptions and assumptions are made, let me clear it out for you 'the history'.
I have a big family, and i'm the 3rd, which FYI is usually considered the last of the 'pioneers' in a family of 10.
And a pioneer has only one synonym. Sacrifice.
Well, there is the privilege and power to control the other successors (which i used very well), but mainly its the sacrifice. And one of the biggest sacrifices that me and my bigger brothers made was chocolate.
In shorter words, we ended up being unattracted to chocolate at such an early age. not at all.

So somehow, here, lots of years later, i'm eating chocolate, drinking chocolate, chewing chocolate..
i'm just not yet swimming in it (which i don't quite know how...not swimming...i mean in the chocolate).
And when i realised it, it suddenly came to me a truth.

The truth.

That humans have such a soft heart. The fact that we can try and try as hard as we want to shape it in one way, yet in the end, it can always flip around and turn into something else...
and not to forget also that no matter how screwed and fixed we think it is, there's always a way for it to be shaped.

So even if we think things like;
" I'll never be able to wake up at night, because i need 6 hours of sleep, and i'm not used to it."
" I just can't cry in my prayers, because i can't understand it."
" I'll never be able to read the Quran fluently because i was never taught well when i was a kid."
" I'll never be able to stop smoking, because i'm already addicted to it."
" I'll never be able to be good, because i've been so bad before."
Who said so??Us.We said it.We limited ourselves to all of this, and in the end never even tried.
Where as we forgot, that its not us who controls our hearts. its Him.

If we really need 6 hours of sleep, then sleep at 9, ur surely gonna wake up at 3.
If we really can't cry in prayers, then cry in our dua' when we do understand what we're saying.
If we really aren't fluent in reading the Quran, then try hear it.
If we really can't stop smoking, then stop buying them.
If we really can't do good, then just stop being bad, thats good enough isn't it?
Its always changeable.

Yet again don't forget that it also means if we think that we are good enough, constantly feeling strong and consistent..there always a chance of falling.

Thats why our beloved prophet teaches us this great dua';
As narrated by Ummu Salamah radhiyallahu ‘anha saying that the dua' that Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam would pray is,
Yaa muqollibal qulub tsabbit qolbi ‘ala diinik
(meaning) "O Supreme Lord that tosses and turns hearts, strengthen my heart on your religion"
(Tirmidzi, Ahmad, Hakim, Shahih Dzahabi, refer Shahihul Jami’)
So if we keep trying, and praying that Allah aids us, we'll surely change it, we'll surely sustain it. it'll surely work.
Because believe me, everything is changeable. Go look around, there's proof anywhere.
like me and the chocolates..You'll surely find a way.

Ya Allah.
Strengthen and sustain our hearts on this submission


  1. IN australia, one thing that we couldn't resist is the chocholate!=) nice post..