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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Alhamdulillah, I'm now finally back in Perlis. Settled down and ready  to begin my story..
This one's gonna be long, so if you have time..Please continue reading.

This story is about what happened in these last thirty days, what I did and where I was. Also the perfect alibi for my long no-posting days..
It all started on the 4th of June. Well it actually began long b4 that, (the planning, organising and paperworks) but mainly it was on the 4th that the program actually started. The program is called TAMU. A short form for Tamrin and Mukhayyam (simply defined as indoor and outdoor). A program done for kids 8-12. This year it was the 7th time done and the theme was Smart Solat, Smart Hayat. Generally pointing out that a person who knows how to practice a perfect prayer will achieve a smart life.
If you wanna know more about this program, you can read here. She's one of the hardworking facilitators at TAMU (sorry, i'll pay for it if you want to..)
I actually don't have much time, and if I shared what I went through in organising this would be a bit emotional and sad, bcoz I slept late every night and bcoz what happened backstage was much much more tiring and mind blowing than seen. So as proof that it was actually fun, I imported it.
But who cares, bcoz the thing is,  I learnt much more things about planning, about knowing, about love. Bcoz when you tell others to do things, you surely will be tested with what you say. So this program not only taught the kids about prayers, it also taught me that khusyu' is a part of yourself that if Allah is not the highest in your heart, as your love, then it is impossible to achieve. And removing other loves; with its beauty, its comfort and its sweetness from this heart other than to Allah, is really hard. Too hard to be put into words. So the solution that I found in the tiredness and exhaustion from the program was, if we love Allah deeply enough, He will aid us in dispatching this hubbudunia away. InsyaAllah.

So after packing things up, on the evening of the 7th of June, the exact date TAMU ended, me and my brothers took off to KL. They were on practical. We arrived there 2am on the 8th. Then I took a coach to Shah Alam to join a Mukhayyam MISI (Mukhayyam Siswa Siswi). Now b4 I talk about this mukhayyam, I just wanna remind fellow readers that a commuter going to Shah Alam at 6.50pm, would be like a tin of sardines. Alhamdulillah, introducing a specific coach only for women helped a lot.

The Mukhayyam was fun and I got a lot of input from it, because sometimes when you are with other brothers, things come in a different way. I learnt how to cook chicken soup, pekasam and some veggie soup. But I think I can only remember the chicken soup, because after that I did a lot more watching and tasting than actually participating..ha2.

Then on the morning of the 11th, I took a coach back to KL, got busy helping my aunt prepare for her Thanksgiving Gathering (Kenduri Kesyukuran..ha2) the next day. It was all a family work. We did everything on our own. So on the day itself, I was a waiter, in charge of refilling the rice. I met an American man. Muslim. We had a long chat about the difference between the productivity of electrical engineering research in Malaysia and America. He made me realise that whoever controls the world has control over the highest technology, because their researches are military based, and the funding is limitless. So if i'm really interested to go into research, I should work at  US, which is impossible..ha2.
Exactly at 6.35pm, my brother sent me to the (IIM) Institut Integriti Malaysia's office at Jalan Duta. I slept at 3.30am, to help with the last touches and preparation for the CSR Rebung program. Then the next day (13th) at 10am, we went to MRSM Felda Trolak, by IIM bus. To make things short, what I saw, experienced and learnt was that integrity is actually unneeded. Bcoz if you practise Islam perfectly, you can see that IhsanThat you worship Allah as if you see Him, for if you don't see Him then truly He sees you
teaches us exactly about integrity. I also realised there that one can work for days and night without rest, exhaust himself, and do everything for the sake of making something happen. And in the end, he would actually obtain nothing except satisfactory. Which will give? Nothing. But if ones exhaustion and work is lined out on the road of Lillahita'ala, whether he achieves in making that certain thing happen or not doesn't matter, bcoz what Allah sees is his work, not his result. Subhanallah..
On the 19th, I came back to KL. The 20th went to an important launching. 21st took a bus back to Perlis. And now I'm here.
Conclusion: I just hope, really hope and pray that every drop of energy I used was for Him. And only for Him.

PS: I was a camp commander for TAMU, participant for MISI, and sekretariat for CSR.
PPS: Told you it was gonna be long.

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