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Friday, June 11, 2010

Just strive for it..

I was actually planning to comment this one on someones post..but it seems appropriate to be shared coz I know..even I go through hardships in life.

 Those who will strive in Our cause, We shall guide them to Our own paths, and surely Allah is with the righteous.
Al-Ankabuut 29:69

There, it is said that a person who exerts will exert for his own good. Here it is being reassured that Allah does not leave alone those who strive in His cause sincerely, even at the risk of a conflict with the entire world, but He helps and guides them and opens for them ways towards Himself. He teaches them at every step the way of winning His approval and good-will and He shows them the light at every turning point to discriminate between the Right Way and the wrong ways of life. In short, Allah helps and succors and guides them according to their sincerity and intensity of desire for goodness.

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