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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love 01

Oh.come on..I know that by the time you saw this title you'd already be thinking that this post would be all about the 'so called' boring things like loving Allah..loving the Prophet PBUH..or loving our friends lillahita'ala..

Because Abdur Rahiim Khamaruzaman will be talking about the thing that he reproaches the most.
L. O. V. E...
I really think explanation would be unnescessary, but just in case you still think im talking about the wrong love..
I am talkin about the feeling you have seeing ur bf or gf or future fiancee or future husband/wife...or whatever other things you call it..
I am talkin about the admiration filling ur heart as you glance at the most handsome guy or fairest lady in college..
And YES i am talkin about how our hearts melt as we see the kindness, sweetness and softness of the pearl of our eyes..get it?

And I really mean LOVE...literally..
huh..even saying the word makes me tremble..

So what triggered this obnoxious post?

Yesterday, and today..yup, its been two days that mom has asked me..
And it sounds something like this;
" If ever one day, you really fall in love with someone, and you start thinking about marriage, what will you do. "
Then I would laugh out..questioning whether it was a joke.

She then said; "No, i'm discussing this seriously."

So i replied with my all noble face:
"Mama, you now that i was just joking about syifa', 'aisyah and even fatimah (all not real names)..sincerely, i know how to control myself."
Well, lately this year, i have been showing her some girls, giving her some names to add in 'the list' and truthfully i had always considered it a know, just a son-and-mom joke..and she would always say.."there he goes again"..
Back to the story..
Then she would say;
"My dear son, you WILL one day suddenly see your true love, and all that you would be thinking about at that time would be..marriage..then what will you do.."

And there i was dumbstruck, not only in knowing that she was seriously serious..but also that this has never occurred yet, and she convinced me that it will

" I donno..what can i do?"

And then it came out..

" If it does not bother you, i plead..please dear son, when you meet her, and your heart knows that insyaAllah you will be together..please keep her away for the moment..please wait..when the time really comes.."

Now, i know there will be many misunderstandings from this story..things like..
what do you mean by when the time comes?
why the heck am i telling u this story for?
whats the problem with ur mom?
and also..
like whats the problem with YOU? solve it all, i'll be needing to tell a loooong story.
And you know how irritating long posts can get..and it is even more suffering for the one writing it..
so i'll stop here..let the questions float for a few days..and if u really think i should continue ASAP, please say so..
P/S: The post is called Love 01..

Ya Allah, for my heart is only for You
guide me to Your love


  1. "boring things like loving Allah..loving the Prophet PBUH..or loving our friends lillahita'ala.."

    those are boring stuff?

  2. i'll wait 4 d next entry. 'love 02' insyaallah :)

  3. continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  4. Please go on! I need to really read this.

  5. just think about this,

    "Apabila kamu meminta sesuatu (keperluan) kepada mereka (isteri- isteri Nabi), maka mintalah dari belakang tabir. Cara yang demikian itu lebih suci bagi hatimu dan hati mereka."[al-ahzab,53]

    you'll know my answer.

  6. interesting...mean never a person would talk about love by this way..
    i'm hoping that you will post love 02 A.S.A.P...

  7. wow, i didnt expect that much feedback..

    Anonymous 1 :
    "boring things like loving Allah..loving the Prophet PBUH..or loving our friends lillahita'ala.." -i apologise, my mistake..its supposed to be the 'so called' boring things in a norm point of view..but seriously, loving Allah and the Prophet can never get boring, bcoz everyday and every second i'll keep discovering a new reason why I must..

    fArhAnA, Fazrina K, ayuni azalin, Nurul, n Anonymous 3 :
    I' really sorry but i can't promise a sooner continuation..but Love 02 insyaAllah, shall come..
    when? depends..

    Maisarah :
    You really think so? Then lets consider it intended to be..just to spice things up..

    Anonymous 2 :
    I'm really sorry, but i dont seem to understand..a further explanation later,maybe? It would be most appreciated.

  8. countinue the second part please..never thought dat u would discussing this topic without harsh,or angry "tone"..its really intriguing,rahiim !!=P

  9. if this 'long story' somehow going to make some of us reflect..n gain something for it..then i really think you should just continue...some of us might be in a lost land right

  10. salam ya akhi,
    ok about the ayah,

    seems like i'm the only one here who didn't raise up my hand to say yes,

    but Allah said that,

    "lebih suci bagi hatimu dan hati mereka"...

    emphasizing here, hati mereka.
    this is what i understands about this ayah, correct me if im wrong.
    you'll never know what your words could do to a person's heart, more precisely the one you are talking about up there. iknow that your intention is pure and you wanted to share something beneficial to all of us, but think about it. not everyone manage to control themselves (eg, feelings) as much as you do (perhaps). dont take this in a wrong way, but i am not a girl but some of my friends are. they read this. and their reaction were like, OMG!!! and i was like, tolong la, he is just a normal human being. [no offence].

    ok fine, may i'm being ridiculuous (people might think i am), but if this kind of post have more benefits than causing heart problems, then yes, proceed brother.

  11. Dear oh dear..
    i am really intending to continue on the post, but if it will be a cause to further casualties then i might reconsider. however, i really2 apologise YET again, firstly bcoz i never knew such things would and could occur and also bcoz i haven't quite achieved a proper understanding on the point about;
    "you'll never know what your words could do to a person's heart, more precisely the one you are talking about up there."

    Do please explain..i plead..

  12. thinking again, you might jus want to continue and we'll c. [sorry, lost of words.. i'm really bad in explaining]