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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some answers on Himmah

For hamba Allah..
but if anyone else is interested in reading..then hey..whats wrong in sharing knowledge rite??

As you asked earlier on, and as explained by bro Ammar Rafeeq, The highest thing that one can target is meeting Allah. I just want to add some bits..consider it an appetizer.

To strive for a cause  is the only reason why we live, yet if we aim to achieve a certain limited success such as straight A's in SPM, or 1st Class Honours Degree, or a professional engineer, then be acknowledged that there will always be a higher cause.
IF we strive for this WORLD, then when we die, there's always the hereafter..
IF we strive for JANNAH, then we achieve it, there's always a higher place..
EVEN IF we strive for the highest place in JANNAH, then there's still the chance of meeting Allah..

BUT if we struggle for the sake of wanting to meet ALLAH, then when we do achieve it, surely we would ask of no more!!

And in living as a person who dreams of meeting Allah, would you think one would do things that Allah dislikes..
He would see sins like fearing enormous mountains..bcoz he knows Allah hates them
His would make prayers in every chance he has..bcoz he knows Allah listens to them
He would repent more than he breaths..bcoz he knows Allah forgives
He would praise Allah each time he speaks..bcoz he knows Allah let him praise
He would deeply love Allah more than anything else..bcoz he knows Allah loves him too..

Ya Allah for with what I say,
I pray show me the way

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