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Friday, December 17, 2010

Ok..ok..its been long enough..

Bismillah..By the name of Allah, The Ruler of all rulers.
I know that i needed to rest for a while, but who knew 'a while' last so long!
So for a change, i decided that its better to start again than wait..
And talking about changes..i'm gonna discuss a thing..i hope would most beneficial to all..especially me..

Have you ever had the feeling that its about time you changed, that you're fed up of the disgracing person you've become, that you know the truth that lies ahead....yet its so hard to tough to endure that path.
You know, that its the ONLY way accepted, and that no other ways are truer than it...but
your past..
your lust..
your wants..
your world..
All seem to cloud the light that you now see.And everytime you jump..the light is back in sight..but then by time, you fall hopelessly back frustrated that it was so near..

This light, is hidayah from Allah the Most Compassionate..
And the seek for it is Tarbiyyah..or in other words, a process to change..good to bad.

Now i'm sure once in a time you've experienced this routine, coz im sure i had..
And one day i learned, that as the saying goes, "aim for the moon, if you fail you'll fall among the stars."

 In a process to change, we must do the same..

Target for the highest thing you can achieve by this change..

like getting ajr?

No, higher..

the reward of heaven?

NO! Target for the HIGHEST thing you want to achieve, your ever dreams, your only reason to live, your 
 highest hope, what you most plead every day and every night...

err, you actually mean, like seeing Allah? to be with Him?

And is there anything higher than THAT? 
For that is called Himmah al-'Aliyah. Your highest dream. And when you want to change, hold firm to it, for there is nothing more important than it. Your world, your lust, your wants and other needs, all will wilt when you compare it to that. Hold it and honour it, will persevere..
Ya Allah for all that I seek is You
I pray, grant my dreams


  1. Himmah al-'Aliyah tu apa direct translate dia?

  2. Himmah is a motivation for us to do something
    'Aliyah is the highest
    P/S:InsyaAllah i'll later post some tips i learnt to maintain a firm himmah. May us always sustain on this road..

  3. so,the highest thing can we achieve is?..i really dun get what u would like to convey in this post..could u tell it literally?..

  4. dekat syurga nanti, kita boleh mintak apa2 sahaja. even arak. so, is that the ultimate nikmat? our desires, akan dipenuhi sepenuh-penuhnye. but there is one thing, more than anything that we can ever dream for is seeing allah in jannah.

    why? here's an analogy.
    there is a kid who separated with his mom since he was born .then, one day,he knew that he had a bioligical mother. so, his desire to meet his mother will be like, "i want to meet her!", "how wud she looks like?", "will she accepts me?" and so on. isnt he was excited? meeting his mom for the first time after had been seperated for years!! for him that was the ultimate nikmat at that time.

    how about us? dont we want to meet the ultimate power that had created this universe? that had created us? that had sent prophet muhammad to show us the rightful path?

    you might found this book, "semai benih-benih syurga" by khairul ghazali, interesting. coz it talks about the moments that we will experience in jannah. insha-allah.

    or this web might be helpful,

  5. Jazakallah ammar rafeeq..i really liked this:
    "but there is one thing, more than anything that we can ever dream for is seeing Allah in jannah."

    hamba Allah, i'll give u a more flawless explanation on the next post insyaAllah..