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Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Much??

Just to give an acceptable reason in why i yet again made this loong break..i can just say that i attended BTN note here that i DID not state whether i had to, or i wanted to or if i was interested to..i put i attended. 
Why? because somehow whatever reasons that might have emerged at the time i arrived at the camp, it all should just be put aside..because sincerely, i think this is one of the most 'crammed full of info' camps i had ever participated in..and i kinda liked it because it gave me time to think alot and read alot of things which all this while i kept aside..

So back to the main topic, this post is dedicated especially for a certain incident that really pulled my heart at the end of the camp...
The incident is as follows..
We were all bidding farewell at the camp..and suddenly i saw a guy, lingering around as if waiting for someone..everyone was like all bustling to go home but he was as if trying to wait..
Why?? That was the exact question hovering in my mind when i saw him

So just FYI, i am a person who loves analysing, so in seeing him, i accidently made some, and i bet you know how it goes that when once you guess, you could stand to wait just for the sake of wanting to know whether your presumptions were right rite? And thats what i did..

So a couple of minutes after that, a girl passed the guy, and the guy called her..
She stopped.
Then he called a friend who was waiting there with him,and he said something..
(Opps, sorry..forgot to tell..i was in the bus already so i kinda couldnt hear)
Back to the story, the friend was holding a camera...then..believe it or not..
The girl signalled something which i guess meant to decline, and she just took off...
Yeah you could probably see now, that he wanted to take a picture with her.

Now, speaking as a guy, I TOTALLY respect what she did...
What? you think it was simple, dont tell me everyone could do that..i mean..for guys yeah, we could easily push aside anything...but for a girl, it must be REALLY hard...
So then i began questioning myself, what made her act as so??

How can someone so fragile stand out and clear up her position with such pure bravery..
I mean, he might not even see her after this..she could just take the snap, and get going..
or could she??
then why didnt she??
Because today we see girls, some so claim to have understood Islam, some don't even care..
but what matters the most is nearly all would melt when provoked by men..and at that time all understandings and beliefs just vanished into thin air..WHY?
Have we men got magic?? Or maybe we have these flying Cupids??
As a guy, i apologise but the truth is, Allah has created you girls with a softer heart, and the heart has tendency to be melted by men. 

If you ask me, at that time, my heart was full of pride, proud to know that there still exists women in this world that acknowledged something much larger than her petite body..
Something that when touched, responsed perfectly and wisely, that even the toughest of hearts could look down and surrender..
What I saw..was PRINCIPLES
What I saw..was VALUES

So my question to you now..

To what extent can you stand when confronted with these situations??
How FIRM are your principles??
How much do YOU cost??

Ya Allah.For women are like the ribs.
I pray, meet them with men who know and care that they're bent.


  1. salam bro.... really nice analysis... i saw this thingy happened too while i was calling my mom that day... cool girl right?! and it seems you'd fallen for her... hahaha :P... btw, thx for the tarbiyah... jzkk... :)

  2. Err...that second sentence was surely unnecessary..
    But just that i feel girls nowadays somehow keep falling into the same trap..not that i'm being discriminative, but thats reality..
    When a guy asks to be accompanied, she follows, when a guy asks her number, she gives, when a guy shows his soft side, she melts..
    If only there was more dignity and pride..

  3. I'm a huge fan of the girl, and I totally respect her. If only Yum's second statement were true.

  4. not make castles out of sand, coz the tides just around the corner..
    This was no personal i would really appreciate it as not..
    Bukan aku memuji..
    Apa lagi memuja..
    Salahkahku kagumi..??

    let what shines be seen, let what glooms be hidden..

  5. Sorry for creating any misunderstandings. I was just a tad excited. :D

    Tapi aku juga kagum sama dia.