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Monday, January 31, 2011

Like the knife

This anology suddenly fruited out in BTN and it has become one of my favourites now..
You see, the idea of a knife was initially created to replace stones;
for cutting, for cooking, for hunting and you could even do 'amal with it by using it for slaughtering..
but one day, when one person suddenly used it to kill, to hurt, to threaten,
then suddenly knives became a weapon, a hazardous item seen by all people..
Now..where did its so multifunctioned benefit go now??

This is exactly what is happening in Islam..
You see an ustaz giving a preach and you say,
"Yesterday he was late for Jumaat prayers..he's really not that 'alim, i dont wanna hear his preach"

Someone invites you to join a gathering, discussing about how to live as a Muslim and you say,
"My friend has already joined..yet he's still a pervert, what difference should it make if i join?"

What is that you're doing..staying away??
STAYING AWAY from what?? Islam??
NEVER. i repeat, NEVER blame Islam for what a muslim does..
because Islam wasn't taught by any naive human..Islam is from Allah, the Creator and Superior..
so should you be questioning such perfectness??
Those mistakes, weakness, misunderstandings, are all from humans..and aren't we prone to that??

Dear brothers and sisters..i apologise if this has suddenly become emotional, because I've been hearing these phrases so many times that i thought its about time i lined it out..
let whoever speaks and shares knowledge about Islam share it, for what he brings is the truth, for who he is and what he's done doesn't matter
let whoever listens and follows discussions about Islam stay, for what he hears are truth, or how he understands and practices it is between him and Allah

Infact, if you think you see other intentions then why don't you try and do it..
Try and share knowledge about Islam..
Try and join Islamic gatherings, Islamic groups and listen..
And then you'll know that EVEN if there exists the slightest false intentions, it usually comes because you're human and it will always comes..

Like the knife rite?
if you see a murderer, can you blame the knife he holds??
or he who handles it? Even if you gave him a pen, he could still kill rite??
So don't blame Islam for all the misunderstandings you see..
don't blame Islam for every weakness a muslim shows..
don't blame Usrahs just because your friend is still useless..
but blame YOURSELF for seeing whats wrong, but for not being there to make it better..

Ya Allah.Forgive me for my mistakes.Aid me with what I said.
For You are the Almighty

1 comment:

  1. there is a wall between a man and a beautiful scenery.he can only see the other side of the wall through a window. and the window must be cristal clear for him to see the scene clearly.

    outsiders are the man.
    beautiful scenery is the beauty of islam.
    the wall is US, the muslimeen.

    we need to make sure the "window" is clean for the outsiders to see the beauty of ISLAM.

    people judge our religion based on our behaviour. jgnlah lagi fitnah kepada agama.
    (peringatan tok dri sndri gak]