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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love 02

Al-Baqarah 2:165

Yet there are men who take (for worship) others besides Allah, as equal (with Allah.: They love them as they should love Allah. But those of Faith are overflowing in their love for Allah. If only the unrighteous could see, behold, they would see the penalty: that to Allah belongs all power, and Allah will strongly enforce the penalty. there's been this loooong break..again..
But you all must know..this is my FIRST sequel..and initiating a sequel..isn't as easy as it seems..because once you have an doesnt stay that long. so to discuss a certain matter..and generate the same idea to continue the discussion..just takes a lot of effort..and with the time constraint and everything, plus the way of organising my words..its just too hard to be put into words (really??)

Hm..actually all this complaining and moaning..were just to justify the fact that i was unable to comply with the promise of asap..
I'm sorry..

BUT..however late it may it is..
and in relevance to the long wait, i'll make it a long post, insyaAllah...have strength dear friends, and keep reading..


Now in this sequel..i will have to make a new approach..and this approach will be in a story. And this story is
lets give him a about Yusuf?
his age?..lets start with 10'll be about Yusuf..the no ordinary kid..(but not from 'no ordinary family'.a joke, huhu donno whether u understand or not)

Now why i chose this name must not be questioned because it is MY story rite?? goes.

Yusuf is a kid..he goes to an islamic school..(MUST we give the school a name also??, naah that would be too much)..and being 10 years old, he's living his childhood life at the peak. no nothing. All FUN.just the way a kid should live..

11 years old..something in him changes. He begins to get attracted to girls. Now remember this is an islamic school, so Yusuf gets interested in this certain girl..shes cute, bright and nice, but he knows that boys and girls aren't supposed to be loving, though he doesn't really understand why..but being a kid, it was his first time..and the feeling crushed his logic mind.
Such that when she raised her hand to answer in class, he would raise it too and when she had to ride the bus home, he would ride it too, even when she said her ambition was to be a nurse, he would say his was to be a doctor, all just for the sake of showing similarity. He scratched her name on his arm, he wrote it with marker on his foot,  would shout her name when he was alone, secretly stalking everywhere she went. He would write a letter using his left hand, expressing his feelings and everything in his heart, but then deliberately blurred out the sender, lied when suspected by the discipline teacher, and proved it with his right handwriting. He crazed for her, WHY?? Because he was in love..

So as he lived for another two years b4 ending his primary school, he just kept that feeling to himself...and also his bestest friend, and the best friend of his bestest friend, and any other best friend, frankly speaking, nearly everyone knew, but the girl....didn't.

3 years after his first love, he entered secondary school, a school that emphasises Islam as the true way of life..(*in other words an islamic school, but sincerely i never liked that word, i'll tell you why next time). It must be noted here that this school separates the male and female education. So there he had time to think about his feelings properly without suddenly bumping into any girls that might attract him.
He then learnt that love must be controlled, and loving Allah and living for Him is the PROPER obsession. So there on he stopped loving her...but the feeling would never fade, it always hovered around somewhere in his heart, sometimes emerging in his dreams, sometimes disturbing in his daydreams..

15, he took PMR and After PMR he changed school..and entered a mixed school. Initially he was ok..principles still strong, but months pass and again his feelings came, this time to someone really close.
It started with interest.
Then he liked her because she had a way that showed commitment to Islam.
Then he cared for her. So he had a mission. His intentions were pure, to change her into someone better. Lillahita'ala.
He got her number. They text each other. Not so often, but occasionally. Like when one would start with tawakkal for exams, then it would go on to about 10 to 20 messages, and gudnite. Now lets just call it seasonally shall we.
But before anything could get serious, Yusuf realised his mistake, and by not replying to her, she spontaneously realised where the relationship was going to. So they stopped.

However, something inside him had changed, his principles had crumbled and all that was left was the wall. He turned into a person who could fall and melt to any girl kind enough to him, it was critical, if u knew him at that time and even just sent a simple letter thanking him for teaching u biology, he would fall for you.
Pervert?? Call him whatever you want because that was him.
But alhamdulillah, with the wall, the obsessions were kept inside.just feelings..nothing more.
 He lasted for a year with the wall, but  a tragedy happened and he himself let the cat out of the bag. With Allah's aid, the girl didn't notice but others saw it clearly enough.

Being traumatic of this incident, Yusuf regretted and developed a new strategy. He called it the love transfer. Wherever he went, Yusuf would pronounce to himself a girl, kind beyond dreams, smart and fair as much, as an admirer that only he would be aware of. But the trick was, she would have to be someone beyond contact, someone he knew he would never reach.

The first week..success
The first month..success
The first year..success
The second year..also began with success
But in the middle of it..his worst dreams came true..his strategy had found its glitch. He forgot that the one who controls is only Allah. What happened was somehow he got in touch with the girl he admired. Either it was deliberate or a coincident, only Allah knows. And for a while he was lost. His heart had built up pillars of adoration to her and suddenly she was in front of him. He had dreamed to see her and here she was. No hesitation, no fear. He confidently made the approach. He looked back at her everytime she glanced at him. He smiled at her even when she couldn't see. He had become the old him. He was no more the Yusuf he knew in his early secondary school.

But remember, with every dark comes light, and Allah showed him back the path. Though reluctant to return fully embracing Allah's love, time and Hidayah processed him. He learned back the lessons he forgot. He loved her but it was just love. The truth was, he knew that if it came to marriage she just wasn't suitable yet. So why was he playing with his heart. Why did he even let the feelings flower up in his heart?
Why? Don't ask me, ask him.

And so after many hard days of cleansing his heart, he came back to Allah, realising the mistakes he had done all this while, he finally put the love to Allah as priority..and though through time he would sometimes fall, he accepted them as tests from Allah to build him into a stronger person.

for you all level-headed readers here, i know by now you'd be questioning, why the heck would i wanna know about some stupid kids love story rite??

So here's the golden opportunity not many bloggers give, you are free to comment on whatever you want, because this post ends here.

P/S: The no.3 is one of my favourite numbers...(other than 15)

Ya Allah, for my heart is only for You
guide me to Your love


  1. i dun quite understand the relation between first one and this second part..the first is the best! but this ,really common story....the first season is the best among others..

  2. Actually, i was waiting for someone to try and interpret the meaning behind the story..but it seems like, yeah the story's too common and typical.
    Please, if anyone have any misunderstandings state so, so that all questions can be answered.
    I apologise for the attempt to apply a weird approach..
    And so it seems, there will be a no.3..i told you it was my favourite number.

  3. wow....never know that love could be quite complicated...even harder than trying to understand human nervous system!!! nice posts..

  4. salam,
    are you trying to say that,

    "if you fall in love with someone, pray to Allah to keep her away until the right time comes."

    is it?

    i bet this is a true story!

  5. one of my friend told me that.."if you love someone..just keep it in your heart and always pray to Allah that your 'jodoh' are somehow just like him...but if you really love him for'll never feel sad both of you aren't meant to be together..!!! put the love for Allah first..insyaallah you'll never feel sad!!

  6. yeah...i agree..u put the love for Allah first and i.allah u'll find the true love...(= remember!!Allah always be here, and HE know everythings what we'hv done..

  7. Anonymous #2: Well actually the complexity in this love story is all reality,and it all can only occur if you fight to hold firm with your not fall in love and get trapped by it.

    Ammar Rafeeq:Well your question will somehow relate to the next thanks for waiting.
    by the way,true or not..this story is reality

    Anonymous #3:U're a girl rite??Haha
    Your friend put it into perfect words..its true, if you think that he/she WILL be yours,u build relationships, u share feelings..then what'll happen if it doesn't happen?? Sure DISASTER!!

    Anonymous #4:Think about this.
    Though u put the love for Allah first, what'll u do when u fall for someone??
    Thats what exactly happened to Yusuf (in the story) rite?

  8. Regret. That's what fills my mind, and my heart.

  9. hm....that's true...easy to said..but it hardly to do it..i.allah try the best to put the true love to Allah..(it's really hard)

  10. you're right..i am a girl!! it is easy when we just have to say it with out having any experience of it..!! but i think boys and girls do have a different thought about love..right!! is hard to deal with love problems!! hope all of us can learn how to love someone for Allah!!