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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Logitech X530

No.This is not a product review.
And no,I'm not promoting for Logitech.
(but if i get commission,i might..)

But today Allah taught me something with this:

So lets start with a story.
A month ago, i borrowed a friends speaker, i bet you can guess which model. And what happened was, as i returned it, the sub-woofer,(which for those who've never seen these things, is the largest rectangular black box out of the 6) could not function anymore. And so in realising that it could only have broken under my care, i took full responsibility for it.

And guess what, i tried fixing it myself. I know many of you would be assuming things got worse, but Alhamdulillah, i have a policy that when i open things up, i wouldn't touch anything as long i knew what they were, and in this case i knew nothing that was inside it. So i  screwed it back close, and decided to send it to a computer shop to be fixed. People were saying, that here in Australia, if you get something broken, don't fix it, coz it'll cost more than buying a new one. But i was determined, that it was just a minor problem, so i still sent it. And they asked for the whole set, or else they won't know where the problem was,so i gave them it.

Two weeks. I called and asked. They said it was sent back to the manufacturer to be fixed. I started feeling suspicious. The speakers were second hand, and i even had opened it myself, which meant the warranty was supposed to be expired. Were they lying to stall time??

Making it short, a month passes by, and this morning, i phoned the shop for the 7th time,questioning the progress of the speakers, and asking it to be returned (because my friend didn't care anymore if the woofers can't work and i was also full of suspicion that something bad had happened to it.). And suddenly he says:
"We've got you a new one"
And i was like:
"What??!! I never told you to buy a new one, isn't there a customer policy stating that any decisions must be referred to the customer??!!"
I was frustrated. They're not supposed to do that. I can't afford to pay for a new one. I'm really on a budget this month, i traveled alot and the costs were quiet high. He then told me to come over and take it.
My head was boiling. I told my housemate and i started unleashing the dissatisfaction. The anger was building up. I got prepared, googled the Australian Consumer Policies. Thinking about contacting my law friend.

Finally, when everything was clotted into this huge rage, i took a shower and suddenly remembered my moms reminders,
"Make an opportunity to pray dhuha everyday, no matter what happens."
And i began questioning myself, this is no reason for me to miss it.
So i took a wudhu and prayed, and all the rage was gone. You know, that after the dhuha, there's this prayer that asks Allah;
"if all the ni'mat in this world is hard to achieve, then i pray that you make it easy, because it is you who controls all."
So i added,
"if this is a test for me, then i accept it. maybe i have been misspending it, or misusing it. please make it easy."

So in the end, when i got to the shop (yeah, with the money and all), i made my best face and met him. And subhanallah, alhamdulillah, he said:
"Actually the manufacturer replaced the speaker with a new one, for free. They considered redeemable. So all you have to pay for is the postage fee. That's 20 dollars."


Ya Allah.Forgive me for my mistakes.Aid me with what I said.
For You are the Almighty


  1. Subhanallah!! Alhamdulillah!!

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