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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Murabbi

Now before i start, we've gotta do some arabic lessons.
Murabbi, the hard work..if you just google translate..(as seem is now the current gig) would mean, raiser. And i think that definition will do.

So yesterday i called my mom.
I was complaining (as i always do everytime i call her).. about the problem i was having here. About how life was so lonely. Huh?? Lonely??
No..this isn't the physical lonely..
And surely NOT the emotional lonely..
I was lonely..spiritually..

Now if you get what i mean..then you would also understand..that when someone is to keep sustaining and strengthening oneself in this perfect way of life..he would need a few factors that could boost him to keep going..or should i just say to have istiqamah.
There'll have to be a syllabus that could be followed (so the process occurs gradually)
There'll have to be an atmosphere that could live up the process
And there HAS to be a Murabbi. A raiser. To help. To advise at times of hardships. To correct when wronged. To become a source of inspiration.

Back to the story.
So i was telling my mom that i had the syllabus, but how am i supposed to work on it if there was no atmosphere, and especially at the time when i have no murabbi??

She just smiled..(it was a video call, what do you expect??)
And said..Allah is always there. And isn't HE the BEST Murabbi??

I was dumbstruck. And then i realised the things, basic things that i have forgotten.
All this while, Allah was ALWAYS my murabbi.
HE raised me..gave me problems, and taught me to learn from it..
HE aided me when i needed it..
HE showed me this path..ensured i stayed on it..
HE was always helping even when i nagged and forgot..
And isn't Allah, THE source of inspiration??..Subhanallah..
And i could still ask, where HE was??

Its true, we do need human murabbi, but i forgot the main and premier one was Allah..
He was the One who raised Adam..
He was the One who greatly divided the oceans for Moses..
He was the One who lovingly aided our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW..

So now let us be Mus'ab bin Umair..
Who, when was separated with the Prophet to Madinah, had Allah the Almighty as his only Murabbi..and not only turned a whole city around, but also prepared the FIRST Muslim Federation..
MasyaAllah, and how did he succeed this??

Allah, the best murabbi, made it succeed..=)

Ya Allah.You are my impetus.


  1. the best of lonely u feel...u must to fill with al-quran and bring the al-quran as ur BFF in ur life.fill it when u feel empty and share with it when u feel uncomfort..coz Al-quran is the best motivate in our life...try it i.allah

  2. Thanks alot..trying hard..but time always limits me..maybe i just keep finding excuses..i'll try better insyaAllah...thanks again.

  3. salam brother,
    in order to determine where are you by Allah side, reflect back, where is Allah in your heart.

  4. and also try, direct communication with Allah. if u feels so in a hard time at that moment, just say it to Allah. if u feels lonely just directly say it to Allah. if u do not understand anything, ask Allah directly. ask for guidance. act,frankly speaking i never realize all these things before. but I've experienced it when i did for the 1st time. just speak to Him through your heart.

    *just sharing.insyaAllah.

  5. Jazakumullah all for the advices..was really needing them..
    May Allah always bless you all..