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Friday, April 15, 2011

Never a second.

In Your name O Allah,

Here, in Wollongong, its already the autumn break. Well, its just about to end actually.
And in this load of free time, i see people, grunting, complaining, unsatisfied with how bored their life is.
After the games, the movies, the facebooking, people would start hovering around the house.
The phrase 'Nothing to do' is heard nearly every hour here.

And so i started thinking. Should there ever be 'nothing' to do??
I mean, practically there's always everything that could be done. After playing LOL (google it), there's DOTA (google it too), and when that's over there's always COD, and PES (yeah, they're just all games), then if you're tired of playing, you can watch movies, Gnomeo Juliet, I am No.4, Transformers 4, Spiderman, Superman, and all other man...then you would also have the anime', i mean i just can't list them all down. And even if you've finished it all, you can always do it again, and again, and again...

So tell me, how in the world can someone get bored?? And yet they still said it.
Then that's when i saw it, this world's pleasures, every bit of it, can never satisfy a human's heart, no matter how endless it can be. One would always ask for more. And more.
And in the end we'll just get bored. Why?
Because we, humans, our pure desires was really to submit to Him.

"Am I not your Lord?" They said, "Yes, we have testified."
Al-Araf 7:172

So when each and every second of our life..
we would have Allah in our conscience, or even if we can't, then at least acknowledging that we are ALWAYS under His conscience..
 Then insyaAllah, the time will never be enough.

Never. Never would there even be a second unspared,  there will always be things we could do, prayers we could make, good deeds that we could find. And we would keep going and going until we know we're satisfied. Satisfied of what??

Satisfied, that one day we would wake up, to find that the doors of Jannah are shining in front of our eyes, wide open, and then all the time we spent, the burden we felt, the sorrow we wept, would be gone. Because there, our greatest dreams is finally reality, our highest hopes is finally true.
And there, Allah will be waiting.
That is the satisfactory that we'll get.
InsyaAllah, InsyaAllah.

As-Syahid Imam Hassan Al-Banna said:
"Never will our time be enough for our responsibilities"
Ya Ghaffar.Ighfir zunubana


  1. Dear son,

    Steadfast in whatever you do. Gain Allah's pleasure and care not whatever others' have to say.

  2. InsyaAllah..tq..and please keep praying for my success,here and hereafter.
    Love you, miss you..