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Sunday, March 28, 2010


There wuz a time when i questioned myself..

"What is life?"

Brothers and sisters, please..denial to the fact that this question also once played in ur minds is too untrue.but Alhamdulillah, i was provided with sufficient answers (i'll explain in another post.really sorry) at that time and i was too small to overthink it. so when today i was questioned..

"Why Allah?"

i sincerely got stuck.i kept thinking it over and over again but answers never came.not that they weren't there,but it was too unexplainable.but again Alhamdulillah i gazed deep enough mentally and spiritually and i saw that it came back to my first question.its about life.about us.

So why not Allah? he created us so perfect, watched us so deep, forever guiding us, blessed us always, became a place to turn to, who knows even the smallest bits in our hearts.
So why not Allah?

Yeah this is faith.a friend of mine said:

"Faith is a hard thing to acquire, achieved only through risks, going down to the depths and the very foundation of religion, pondering upon the meaning of life, searching for purpose, having moments of doubt. And what's even harder; retaining faith."

I agree enough,except that i dont think its that hard..
Doubts?those are the risks.
Foundation?its nothing, as long as we believe and understand life.
Retaining?when we feel that its hard,we are retaining.
Faith in Life?bcoz yeah..ITS HIS STUFF

1 comment:

  1. can't you be a lil more discrete than this...? ugh.

    well obviously you haven't been in my position to understand what i truly mean. of course, it's easy enough to believe, and have faith and stuff, but to understand the reason behind this belief is what's hard.

    ah well, i bet you've never learned much about western philosophies to know how it had a profound devastating effect to me.

    anyway, thanks.