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Monday, March 29, 2010

Inni Akhafullah

Rasulullah PBUH once stated that on the Yaumul Akhir, at the Mahsyar..everyone is gathered under the scorching sun,burnt by the unbearable heat.
BUT out of all these humans are 7 class of people, shadowed under Allah's rahmah,when others suffer,they smile..

Included in these 7 is a person, when he is confronted by a seductive woman, he rejects and says INNI AKHAFULLAH Indeed, I fear Allah

Brothers and sisters,this hadith by Rasulullah PBUH means so much to us. No it does not mean that only men are open to opportunities and no it does not mean women like seducing but if we acquire the proper definition it defines the basis of our relationship with our Mighty explains the cure for all our problems involving the heart.

INNI AKHAFULLAH does not mean you fear Allah literally, like the that fear He will send a sudden lightning bolt from the sky, (though na'uzubillah, He can) but it defines the fact that we fear His greatness.
Simply, the clear point is when ever we face anything that comes and invites us to ma'siyyah, to sins, all we need is a mindset stating INNI upholding these words we will feel the humbleness of a tiny being against the Mighty Creator..
how weird that a weak and useless self should be so ignorant and unashamed of acting so proud in His body,while breathing His air,on His land..
so just set in your heart,akhafullah,and InsyaAllah not only will He aid your strength, ur shadowed on the day others suffer..InsyaAllah

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