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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The road not taken
take B. sumtimes A. nvr C..

What im about to share with you today@tonite is sumthng i thought about for quite a long time (since yesterday?) please sit tight and read..

One day, ur walking, and i dont mean by walking like waddling around, window shopping at Times Square. i mean this proper walking on a road where u count your feel the gentle breeze,the sound of nature.and of course ur alone.then suddenly you look around,and you find yourself lost.and in that utter panic,you forgot how many steps you took,you even forgot why you walked in the first place.
So after crying, shouting for help, dialing unconnectable numbers, what do you do?

A: you retrace your steps.go back, to where you started,ask your friend/family at home why you went out and start again.

B: you take a deep breath, think of the attractions through out your walk,how many steps took you there and how many steps were you mislead from that point onwards.

C: you continue your walk in hoping you find a new path..whereas you dont even know whether that new path leads back to the fact you dont even know whether you'll find one.

My beloved bro's and sis's this is life.
'A' is the choice which you have to make when you are sure you forgot everything, which leaves nothing else but turning back totally to Allah and setting back ur reasons of life.intending to never repeat it again.
'A' is TAUBAH.

'B' is a chance that many of us obtain.we get the opportunity of thinking deeply on our life,so that it keeps us on the right path, but its just a matter of thinking deeply enough..if we keep doin it consistently it'll finally lead us to the proper path.and everytime we get lost, sit for a moment and think about life.

if i told you 'C' is the dumbest thing to do..i bet many of you agree..
but sincerely..'C' is a choice we are always repeating..when we realise of our misguided life.we stop to look at it. but sadly we keep walking further and further away though our hearts question it..
'C' is FASIQ.

May Allah always guide us and aid us in the true PATH..

1 comment:

  1. subhanallah..
    an awesme post for me.. thx ibnq.. lets repent for all sins we've made..
    Allah always by oursde.