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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


One once said to me,
One day..i would step into my house, close the door behind me, and suddenly realise that i forgot my wife at the market..
Funny isn't it..
But its true, because sincerely, i'm forgetful..(but i'm not married yet).
Forgetting things is the most severing habit of all...because:
  1. What you forget is what you will lose. And when you lose it, the same thing comes out.."Irresponsible.Take things for granted.Unready.Careless."

  2. What you need and intend to find will not be found (but when not, is found!). Then you blame others for misplacing it. You turn the house inside out, only to finally realise it was in your bag all along.

  3. What you've memorized is unrecallable. So as you sit in the exam suddenly find out that its gone. But since you are acquaint with the equation, you start deriving it logically..and you end up leaving out.a constant value.(Circuit Theory>Huh?).

Well, today i'm not here to pour out my feelings for failing to answer, or for the weakness Allah has created on me.
But today i realised that forgetting things in life can be replaced, but forgetting Allah and his Greatness can not. So if i succeed in remembering Allah, every time, everyday, as i speak, as i walk, as i see, as i hear, especially as i pray...
everything else that i forget matters too less.

"Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah;
For without doubt, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction"
Ar-Ra'ad [13:28]


  1. dan incidently kau "forgot" nak tulis an extra 't' dekat post title.


  2. bahay tu sampai leh tinggal isteri.kene mkn kismis n madu byk2 ni..huhu