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"Ya Rasulullah what are these gardens of Jannah"
"They are gatherings that remind us of Allah"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How is it that
When we pray..we feel nothing?
When we prostrate..we're still proud?
When we spread our hands in dua'..we don't know what to ask?
When we could see..we just watch?
When we could hear..we just listen?
When we could feel..we just touch?

Then we blame that He forgot us, that He doesn't answer us, that He wasn't there for us..
But who is it that really forgets?That really was blind?That really never realised?
Our life is too much of a routine, that we feel nothing when we repeat the same thing. Our prayers become a must because praying is what every Muslim does, our dua's are a must because every Muslim asks.

Please watch this video and you'll understand:

Its a matter of the heart, to realise, to understand and to return it to Him..
Just come back to Him even a step, and He'll come to you a thousand times closer..


  1. salam, tatkala kita sedar bhwa kita tidak merasai apa2 ketika menghadapNya, itulah tandanya Dia sedang menguji kita dan sedang men'jentik' hati2 kita dengan peringatan bahawa kita sudah semakin jauh daripadaNya. ketika Dia membisikkan seruanNya, janganlah kita berpaling daripadaNya.

  2. Subhanallah...we should Thankful to ALLAH because we are born in ISLAM...