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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Weekend (1)

Today i flagged all the classes and stayed at my room (Sorry mdm TATA, but someone told us ur on leave).well i'm not saying that it was righteous or not, but it gave me more time to recover from the weekend of adrenaline burst. Futsal, jungle trekking, obstacle run, and qiamuillail in two days and a nite? Yeah, of course i had my auto reboots..especially during the qiamullail,which sincerely i regret.
But back to the point,the period gave me a clearer mind to analyse my weekend. And this is what i got.

During the futsal game, my team reached the quarter finals and we got a draw. so the ref ordered a penalty. Karim's shot bounced off the keeper but Alhamdulillah i saved a goal myself. but then the ref tossed a coin. i chose heads but it was tails, so the other team chose to shoot and of course i failed to save it. it was a one in a million chance that i totally regret being unable to take, though i witnessed the ball fly inches over my left hand. i really regretted it and kept thinking of the possibilities ONLY IF I HAD SAVED THE BALL..throughout the whole day.But Alhamdulillah, my friend reminded me about Allah's will so i stopped regretting immediately.

On the commuter, i saw a holding hands.NO! HUGGING to be exact.And my disgust was more than losing futsal just because of a lucky toss, that my fists started shaking.i don't know, i've seen phenomenons as such much many other times, but this time i was really shaking and to sooth it down, i held onto the metal railing nearest to me.

So what is it that i learned?
1. When we live our life, Allah will test us with things that are too unacceptable by our logical minds, til we start questioning, regretting and even blaming. we ask for fairness, for a replay..whereas we forget that Allah's plans in this world are much better than ours, and wouldnt regretting only mean that we are denying His Authority. anyway, isnt it much better to think about the utter regret we will go through in the hereafter because of our useless life in this world than regret useless things in this world that would never be brought forth to the hereafter?
Allah said in the Quran..
"Verily, We sent (Messengers) to many nations before you (O Muhammad SAW). And We seized them with extreme poverty (or loss in wealth) and loss in health with calamities so that they might believe with humility."
Al-An'aam 42.

2. Many people in this world realise that theyre Musims. Malaysians even have it stated on their IC. But the major question is do we understand our life as a muslim? Do we see how important Allah is in our heart?if so how come we keep committing sins though we are confident that we will die.those couples,say that i asked them who are their gods, will they answer Allah. will they say that they believe that one day, they shall die and they will be questioned on their life, their deeds, their time?i bet they will.but does it show that they do?
Rasulullah SAW once said
"Iman is not a dream, nor is it something that can be complied easily, but it what that is secured in the heart and prooved by actions."
So someone can never say he is a muslim if he is incapable of following each and every orders of Allah. Its that simple but so hard to follow.Why? because our hearts are too accustomed to this wealthy, fun and happy world. So brothers and sister, think about it..Are you a Muslim?


  1. people nowadays, either islam or Islam. with the small 'i' or the capital 'I'. either a verb or just a noun.

  2. Jazaakallah...
    simple but so meaningful..