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Friday, April 16, 2010


When you see an undertaker, what would you think? A man..who in his everyday life, see corpse, dig graves, and dwell with the deceased...Knows where, when and even how it's most suitable to dig. He's the first to come and one of the last to leave, the closest to witness the burial, the one, last holding the dead. But my point is..
Is HE the one who remembers most about death?
Does HE cry everynite, hoping that it will not be him buried tomorrow?
Will HE always be worried that he'll be unworthy of Jannah?
Is he just the common person, who admires the sky for its beauty and scowls when it storms, who laughs when has wealth and cries when its gone, who lives life as it is, dies when death comes?
*This is an analogy..hopefully it shall not be related to any lives....
or deaths.
Brothers and sisters, you see, life is not about how many perspectives it can be perceived in, its not about some ridiculous philosopher, its not about how many hours you can speak of it, its not about your opinion, neither is it about mine.

But its all about how much you understand of it.
So you can go read all the tafseers from around the globe, go write as many notes you can, go discuss about philosophies to any extent,but it would all be useless if you don't even understand why you live, why you pray, why you were even created.
Understanding life isn't about the clarity of explaining it, but its the purity of living it.


  1. blegh

    understand?=clarity of explanation,


  2. Hm..really sorry for the vague words..but its kinda like this:
    when a person sees a muslim drinking beer, and he starts listing about the time beer was forbidden, the steps in forbidding, the main reason it was forbidden, which verse in the Quran proves it, and the different opinions in the definition of being means he doesn't understand..
    but when a person sees a muslim drinking beer, and he goes up to him to tell that it is means he understands..