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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Must let it OUT

Ok..I've been keepin this for days...So read carefully.

What makes YOU different from OTHERS??
By saying that you don't go out ALONE together, you don't TOUCH each other, that you're so called THINK what you're doing is RIGHT??
My brother, my sister, so long as you're not married...NEVER claim as if you ARE

You ONCE said, this would never happen...that YOU know it is you're just gonna keep this relationship until THE DAY will never make close relationship, you will never go out, you will never make late night calls!!
Look at yourself..OPEN YOUR EYES MAN!!

Astaghfirullahal Azim..Ya Allah, I may have gone over the border...but let this small effort be a reminder to those that have forgotten..ESPECIALLY FOR ME..may it be reread everytime i fall.

Ya Allah.Forgive me for my mistakes.Aid me with what I said.
For You are the Almighty


  1. lebih baik suruh mereka kawin daripada meletakkan fitnah pada yang lain.

  2. The thing is..when marriage cannot BE the solution??what can one do??

  3. agree with that. i've read a book written by 'Amru Khalid, he said in that book, 'wallahi, this ummah can't be saved except return back to Allah'. those who're have a so-called islamic couple didn't understand about the meaning of relationship in Islam---->for man and woman. well the basic thing in Islam is understanding. we need to know Allah so that we understand why we serve Him as God.

    my friend said, talk to the couple and tell them the benefits of marriage at early age.

    problems related to ikhtilat is hard. but as long as we show them the right thing in a relationship, insha Allah is better. as Rasulullah is the best Qudwah and da'wah is more 'berkesan' through qudwah. if they are well known as those who're practicing Islam well, give them a book written by Yusuf Qardawi about the fiqh of munakahat or ikhtilat, i forgot the title.

    this thing can happen to us too, nauzubillah. might be as a reminder to us so that we;re not one of them but, insha Allah, we, as the one who realize that this thing is wrong need to work in hardest to bring them back.

    again, only returning to Allah is the best solution. how? we're the one who need to plan it and work sincerely and hardest on that plan.

    but, Allah is the best planner.

    sorry if my previous comment hurt anyone. wallahua'lam.

  4. knape marriage cannot be the solution??musykil2..

  5. Well, mY dear frend, for a marriage to occur, parents or wali are always the main requirments..however, if a wali would not agree to a certain marriage..what can you do? Thats what i meant..

  6. oic..erm..but, any reason utk wali xaccept?parents mst nk yg terbaek utk anak2 mreka, bila anak mereka da mcm lalai, parents maybe(xsure) will think of a better solution 4 them utk halalkan hbungan mreka iaitu dgn nikah..xbgitu ibnQ??

  7. orang selalu cakap, kawin nak elak maksiat.
    kawin nak halalkan perhubungan.
    nak senang hidup, kawin saja...

    tapi, to what extend... perkahwinan yang didasarkan atas nafsu semata2 akan kekal hingga ke syurga?

    butul2, abeh cite, kawin terus. tak de la fitnah2.
    tapi, kalau tergesa2 nak kawin just because kita cintakan dia, apakah?!

    hurm.. another thin'
    prevention is better than cure right?
    ha! so, nak prevent perkara2 y tak diingini berlaku, jinjang pelamin!!!

    but that is not the akar umbi of the problem.
    prevention starts from the heart,
    that reflects our iman.

    yeah, it is hard when we are teens.
    but then again,
    the feeling of ignoring those devastating feelings before they get worst,
    is far more awesome than getting married.
    i guess.

  8. Syukran Jazilan Mr/Mrs Anonymous..
    Such clear explanations..fuhh..really needed the backup..
    My point, is..WE must learn to control..

  9. just wanna share a saying from my senior.

    a woman's heart should be in Allah's hand. if a man wants to find her love, he shall seek Allah first.

    once we get His love, hah~~ say goodbye to whatsoever we called -love-.
    if we get His love, everthing will fall into places. including our heart.
    so, brothers and sisters...
    carik cinta Allah dulu!