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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Its About Time

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

A few weeks ago, I've been waiting for this time..always eager for it to come. Days I wait for it and I knew that i had to be prepared. But now. Knowing that it would be be exact...this night..i suddenly feel this surge of fear. Fear that i am not prepared. Fear that I am not ready to go through this. 
No, im not scared about having to fast..oh come on..i've been doin it for years..
And definitely im not scared of the Tarawikh prayers..

But what im really fearing is the fact that i will be going through a system..and if i fail to graduate successfully it would be a waste..SUCH A WASTE!!
So to soothe this feeling i called my mom..and her reply was enough for me to understand.She said:
"It doesn't matter whether you're prepared or not..Ramadhans' still gonna if you realise that you're not ready..BE READY as much as you can..because it really is about time you did."

 So from now on..I more playing more late more late night games..
and i'll be struggling for
more Quran..more rawatibs..more qiamullail...more reading..


Ya Allah..aid us, Your weak servants in this sacred month..

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