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Monday, August 16, 2010

La Tahzan

There are some periods in life when you and i will always experience sadness. despair. hopelessness. we think that we could be strong. we think that we would be able to pass everything successfully. we think that we could just be ourselves..but then we were actually wrong. things turn out different. the surroundings change us, the conditions evolve us. so by the end of the day we regret everything we did. crying to ourselves how things have gone out of control. and then we ask ourselves.."what's happened to ME? what am i doing?"..
and then we keep telling ourselves that we mustn't give up..whereas deep in our hearts things are much harder than said...
So what SHOULD we do??
my dear brothers and sisters. la tahzan means don't be sad. because if we believe that everything comes from Allah..then it would really help the acceptance. but what we must really believe is that being who we are means being the person we must be..not because others wan't us to be who we must be..not because we think it appropriate to be who we must be..but because we KNOW that Allah wants us to be who we must be..and that if we achieve His blessings..then it shall be matter how hard things get...

Get it? Apologies for the jumbled up words..but just try to understand.


  1. i got something~ 'if we believe that everything comes from Allah..then it would really help the acceptance..' meaningful =) so, do have faith.. berlapang dada..tnx2

  2. Alhamdulillah, you've succeeded to put it into such simple words.and i thought no one understood..

  3. everything happens for a solid reason.
    there's no such thing as "kebetulan" in islam.
    bersangka baiklah dgn allah, becoz He knows the best. He's the best.