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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just 4 ladies..(19 above only)

Ok. Frankly speaking (writing)..this is being more of a counterpost to the gender-biased post before this. So when I finally decided on the topic.. I actually realised that I'm not that much expert in advising the opposite gender..
So here's what i've to say..
Have you ever been to a shopping mall..ok lets say SOGO..and it was a big sale day. Say that you arrive at the purse department. So there would be discounts..30%..50%..and even 70% off!! your mind at that time..which would be more valuable? A purse on discount or the one under the NEW ARRIVALS?
Think about it..if you girls keep selling yourselves..promoting yourselves..with LOW PRICES, and even discounts..believe will be the center of attraction. For a while. But the real demand would be for the new and clean. It would be everyone's dream..and the one's on discounts would be a temporary possession..depending on its attractiveness and up-to-dateness. Maybe a week..maybe two..
So think about it..
Think about your outfit before going out..AM I THAT CHEAP?
Think about your attitude before mingling with others..AM I THAT DESPERATE?

My dear sisters, that is why Allah taught I'm sorry..taught you all to watch your eyes and protect your'selves' (an-Nur:31), what you wear (an-Nur:59), how you speak (al-ahzab:32)..not because Allah envies your beauty (for He is al-Jameel), but because he wants you to be honored, to be be properly loved..

P/S: I'm not quite sure the proper message is clearly conveyed here..but believe me, if you think I'm wrong..then try it out..sell yourself..go 'showoff'..
But then be readily acknowledged that even I would never want you!! Haha..

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  1. alhamdulillah..jazakillah.nice analogy.