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Monday, August 16, 2010

Mightier than the sword

today an event really shook me. and now i know what it really meant by 'mightier than the sword'. i will not elaborate more on the incident, but if you are reading this then please swallow in these following messages carefully..


sometimes words can mean more than mere sounds projecting out of your mouth. when heard, it can be manipulated, changed, and misunderstood. which means misunderstanding. though YOU know that it wasn't really meant that way..but do THE OTHER PEOPLE know? though not all of them would get upset with YOUR words..but at least ONE will..then suddenly..BANG..BOOM..and someone hates you.

Rasulullah PBUH once said:
"The best words are those that are short and precise"

learn to stop. learn to shut up.
remember..people have mouth..and most importantly..they have ears..
(this is a story of believe me it happened..)

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