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Monday, May 24, 2010

Watch and Learn this one familiar??

So 7.30 sharp..I would be staring at the TV...NTV7 to be exact, and watching these teenage guys and girls jumping, singing, and prancing around the stage, telling stories, and many other interesting things that would make a 3-year-old kid such as my little sister mesmerized.

Now, I wouldn't be this interested in telling you about this TV program if it wasn't for the shocking story of how my three-year-old sister began dancing and singing and talking in English..

I wouldn't call it English actually..because no one could understand..but it did kinda sound English..
So the thing is it that a 2D, RGB screen succeeded in influencing such a small kid?

Brothers and sisters..this is called 'tarbiyyah'.
It is a process that every human will undergo either conscious or not. When we read, when we watch, when we listen, when we feel..we learn. But another fact is that we humans tend to get influenced by many things..and if we are incapable to control ourselves in choosing between what is good and bad..we will follow everything. So to learn by understanding. To understand is by tarbiyyah.
So lets take some time to tarbiyyah our hearts by attaching ourselves to things that remind us of Allah, of things that bring us closer to Him.
Here's a book that I recommend:
"Maza Yakni fil Intimmail Islam"
-To Be A Muslim- Dr. Fathi Yakan

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