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Friday, May 28, 2010

Time Warp

I finally did it...retracing my past, traveling through time by confronting its future..

I started with the Sekolah Rendah Al-Azhar. Went there, met a few friends, did a few things. It was on the teachers day actually. If ur interested in knowing, go check out my FB, there's a few pics there.
Then MATRI. Went there too, visited and discussed alot with my Mudir..which i so arrogantly didn't for the past..what, 4 years maybe..seriously such a meaningful moment. Went bowling together (with my friends, not the mudir). And we took this pic which shall always be carved in my mind (bcoz i took it with my handphone and dropped it in doing so..which made a big scratch).
Then finally went to MRSM Beseri. Met some teachers, the BWPs. Then the following weekend did a small reunion with my batch..just the guys, well actually the main event was the dinner..but the verbal interactions got things flowing again like the old days..and yesterday, it was over.

Sorry, but i'm not gonna conclude with..'it was very tiring but everything was worth it because we all went home happy' ending, because this travel through time taught me many things and made me perceive the truth of it.
Yup, I read lately that evident of humans changing with time is proved ever since we're babies. Well yeah of course as we grow up we're still changing but not as rigorous as the time in the womb..but its still a change. And though we reach the age of early adults (where our the last tooth comes out), there are still changes. Our hair, our nails.
Okay2 i'm through with this growth discussion, its not what this post is for.

As I watch myself and my friends change and develop..I realised that time and atmosphere changed people alot. Our lives are of such dependent on these factors, but strangely enough we neglect them so much, and in the end we change without even realising it.
So the thing is lets stop playing with time, and open our eyes to this moving world. One day we were once kids, now we're at the brim of adulthood. Did we see it? Then the next day, we'll be lying down..choking our last breaths..reminiscing the past..and believe me, regret shall we.

Regret what? The fun we had? The joyous moments? The marvelous achievements?
Nope..we'd regret that though long have we lived, nothing was done for our own afterlife..

Turn around and look at the clock!!

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Time is witness that, surely, mankind suffers loss,
except for those of faith,
Who do good, and become a model of truthful living,
and together practice patience and constancy.
[Al-'Asr 103]

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  1. What's a Mudir?
    Also, mind the differences between its and it's. The IELTS is just around the corner.