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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Islam or islam?

A brother once said,

'You become a MUSLIM, either by chance or by choice'

You can be a Muslim by chance, as you are born by the name Muhammad, as the first things you here is the azaan, as the first thing to breach your mouth was the sweetest date, as the first prostrate (sujud) you did was in a prayer..
but as you grow up..
Muhammad Rasulullah PBUH? you dont even know him, his life, his sacrifice..
Azaan? its just an alarm..setting on and off, as the day goes by, sometimes to tell you that its lunch time, that its nite..
Your mouth? a weapon of destruction, an emitter of high pitched frequencies, a reason to fight, a factory for lies, foul speech and pride..
Sujud? yeah, its still done in the prayers, without knowing whom..


So do you have to revert to really choose Islam.. long as you live your life as a are choosing Islam..
Take islam as a verb..dont take Islam as a noun..

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