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Friday, May 7, 2010

For the so called 'miseries'

Zhulfeqar lunged his body forwards, aiming his toes for the opposite ledge as his body flew in airborne. His feet skidded a few meters as he pinned his body down, hitting inches away from the brim. Too perfect. A common man, six foot tall and standard figure would have hesitated long for that extreme stunt, and succeeding with such smoothness just had to be coincidence. But this was no common. A Gods gift, is what some would call him. His additional half-foot height, sturdy quadriceps and perhaps the firm built body could be the only reason for it. His face had every feature a man would dream of and every attraction a woman would fall for, which he had regrettably used in his earlier age. Under the sweaty oily face on that night, lighted by the beam from the upper world, one could just catch a glimpse of his square chin, covered fairly by the thin beard traced up to his ears. His prized possession was the thick brown eyebrows, decorating the upper outline for his deep blue eyes. The eyes that now stared contentedly down into the darkness. Weird, he had never came across this hole the last night, nor on any night or days of journeying the secret tunnel.So much of keeping it a secret.

Yesterday, i had a chat on YM with a old friend..from my lower sec. school...
i was told that he got involved in an accident and his condition got quite critical..but as far as i knew, it only involved his leg..
So as we got deeper into conversation, i asked why he would be unable to join the program this weekend..So he asked me..('akh' is brother, 'akhi' is my brother).
Akh S:Do you know how bad my condition is?
Me:Really bad?or else my father wouldn't have known..
Akh S:Akhi, my foot was dislocated, the wall of my eye nearly touched the brain..i couldn't move for more than a month..the doctors managed to fix it..
Akh S:My left eye is blind..
At that point i was shocked stiff. I could have never expected it to be that bad..Couldn't move..BLIND...Allahuakbar..
Then he wrote..

"Allah is teaching me, and i am so grateful of it"

That time, I just couldn't control my emotions..this person, coming so near to death and handicapped in such a way, not even once mentioned the word 'miserable'..
But ME, so perfect, so complete in every way..could still complain about the miseries of my life, of my weakness, of what i couldn't have, of what i missed...
and if Allah took it ALL away from me..will i still be grateful..

1 comment:

  1. surah al-'alaq,96: 6-8.
    i think there's a relation between those ayat with this entry.
    am i right? or am i right?

    humans would never satisfied with what they have had, till they lose them one day. i'm saying this as it is the reality...

    we are only grateful if He granted our DOAs... when He send us musibah... do we ever say, "thank you Allah for showing me my flaws." rarely.