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"Ya Rasulullah what are these gardens of Jannah"
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Friday, May 14, 2010

This never ending search

"Ya Allah, Please fill this emptiness in my heart."

As the Friday prayer ended, people rushed out of the mosque, each focusing on individual roots, ways and courses. Men would be picking calls or making calls, all occupied by the world they had so returned to. But in between the crowd, everyone could see him, in the lowest position a human could be, prostrating himself, asking Allah for everything that he had missed and lost. Begging and praying.
But no one really knew the storm brewing in his heart, how hard it was to live without this love, how long he had pleaded and prayed, waited in vain. This emptiness was too much suffer, but no one could understand except Him. And here he was, asking to The One who Knows, to come back and fill his heart.

"I really need You now"

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  1. i do have a feeling "the emptiness" that u mention just now..n currently searching the sakinah..bear in mind ,that we always need to find the meanings of true life in this world that ever belong to ALLAH.constantly ask ourselves these meanings..hope u could share,what would make u fulfilled the emptiness?