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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Farji'na. It means send us back.
Akhrijna. It means bring us out.
Today I was browsing the Holy Quran, and I came across these words, in these two verses;

There they will cry out:
'Our Lord, bring us out, and we will do good, other than what we have done.'
What, did We not make your lives long enough to remember for whosoever would remember? A warner came to you, so taste now! None shall help the harmdoers.
[Al-Faathir 35:37]

Would that you could see the wrongdoers when they lower their heads before their Lord! They will say:
'Our Lord, we have now seen and heard. Send us back and we will do righteous deeds, we are certain.'
[As-Sajadah 32:12]

Brothers and sister, this is a situation, where Allah tells us that one day, though as illogical as it can be, one of us will be pleading Allah in such shame and regret for a second chance to return to this world, promising Him that we'd do good, that we'd prevent all sins because now we've seen, we've heard, and we're certain of everything...
But you know what, He will say, you were warned, you were told, you were given enough taste the flame that you asked for!!

But the thing is,
Why couldn't we see all this now, as we freely sin ourselves in each step and breath we take..
Why can't we regret all our sins that we've done, knowing that it SHALL be punished..

Coz in our hearts, we never did fully believe in this promise, this proof that is stated so clearly in the Holy Quran.
So brothers and sisters, lets come back and realise..


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  1. just passing by..can u share wif me..wut do u do to avoid the feeling of emptiness?..or in another words..wut do u do to fill up the emptiness of heart?